Miracle Tomato Plant Survives Denver Blizzard

miracle tomato3Like many gardeners in a cold climate, I always have to start my tomato seeds indoors early each spring. I typically start in March if I want to have tomato plants ready for transplanting into the vegetable garden in May.

In more than 30 years of gardening, this year is the first time I’ve seen a tomato seed volunteer to sprout on its own in my garden. It must’ve been the warm temperatures starting around the end of February that signaled this little tomato seed to start growing.

To say I was surprised to see it so early in the season is an understatement. Tomatoes are tropical plants and they prefer to grow in hot weather. In fact, I have to wait until nighttime temperatures consistently hit the 55-degree mark before setting tomato transplants outside.

However this miracle tomato started growing in almost freezing temperatures without any kind of plant protection!

When the blizzard hit Denver last week, I was sure that was the end to this little tomato that could. But as the temperatures warmed through the weekend, the snow melted and the feisty miracle tomato was still there.

It’s only the first of April, but I imagine I’ll be able to start harvesting fresh tomatoes — whatever variety they may be — at about the same time I’m planting my basement-grown tomato transplants in the garden.

If you’ve ever seen a tomato growing through the snow, or found another miracle in your vegetable garden, would you please let me know?


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Wow! If this little guy persists, save the seeds..

By all means do save the seeds from this tomato, it will then be able to grow again to your climate (in cold weather).Great job sharing this.

Gee, I wonder what this little tropical tomato plant was doing foolin’ around in the snow on April 1st?

You’re right! The story of my miracle tomato was an April Fool’s Day gardening prank!

Tomatoes are tropical plants that need warm soil and temperatures to grow.

Thanks for chiming in,

Save seeds from this tough guy!

Thanks for the suggestion, but my miracle tomato story was a silly April Fool’s Day gardening prank!

I stuck a tomato transplant, still in its pot, in a snow bank and quickly took the picture. Now that plant is snug and warm under grow lights waiting for the snow to melt and temperatures to warm before planting.


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