Miniature Roses for Patios and Small Gardens

The samples of miniature roses from Greenheart Farms in Arroyo Grande, Calif., are as beautiful as they are easy to grow.

Every spring for the last several years I’ve received a big box of miniature roses from the generous folks at Greenheart Farms in California.

It’s always a treat to open the box and see rows of small roses just waiting to be planted in my small-space flower beds and patio pots.

The roses are hardy to Zone 5 because they’re all grown on their own roots, instead of being grafted.

This year I received roses from Greenheart’s Veranda Collection that included Brilliant Veranda, Lavender Veranda and a red-coral rose called Chica Veranda.

The roses in this collection are compact floribunda roses that have offered a nice long season of flowers.

Roses from Greenheart4

Of the Veranda Collection, the Lavender Veranda miniature rose is my favorite. The color isn’t typical of miniature roses and it looks especially nice against its glossy green foliage.

One of the benefits I’ve found with Greenheart’s rose collections is that the plants are extremely disease-resistant. I haven’t had any problems with black-spot or other rose diseases in any of the roses the company has sent for me to try in my garden.

Roses from Greenheart2

I planted some of the roses in the narrow flower bed near the patio and some in a Lechuza Balconera self-watering planter. The rose on the left-side of the planter is one that I planted in spring of 2012. In spite of a cold, dry winter, this little rose survived in this planter on the patio and came back strong this season. See what I mean about hardy little roses?

In addition to the Veranda Collection of roses, Greenheart sent roses from its Sunblaze Collection, too. These roses have names like Autumn, Red, Sweet, and Salmon Sunblaze.

Roses from Greenheart3

I planted these together in a mix-and-match pattern in the small patio flower bed. These varieties are also hardy to Zone 5 and easy to grow. They’d make excellent container roses, too.

Roses from Greenheart1

Of the Sunblaze Collection, I really like the color of the Salmon Sunblaze.

Greenheart Farms produces close to 1 billion ornamental and vegetable plants for farms, mass markets, and retail nurseries throughout the U.S. When shopping for Greenheart products, look for the plant labels with the Veranda and Sunblaze Collection names.


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We license Greenheart for the Veranda roses. I want you to know they are not miniature roses but rather compact floribundas. The group will reach a size of 2.5-3 feet tall and 2-2.5 feet wide. We introduced this collection to be used for patio containers and to be used in small gardens

Thanks for the clarification!

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