Meditation Offers New Approach to Gardening

Cheryl Wilfong’s new book, The Meditative Gardener, is designed to encourage mindfulness into daily life and the best place to do that is in the garden.

The next time you head out into the garden, instead of taking a shovel or trowel with you, take a copy of “The Meditative Gardener.”

This beautiful new book by Vermont author Cheryl Wilfong is meant to be held in your lap while sitting in your garden.

Cheryl is a mindfulness meditation teacher, a writer and an avid gardener. These three passions joined together when she wrote her book.

“It’s a combination of taking meditation out to the garden and concentrating on reflective thinking,” she says. “It’s what we naturally do. We walk to the compost pile and think to ourselves, ‘One of these days that’s going to be me.'”

Mindfulness in the garden is when the mind and body are together and Cheryl thinks the garden is the ideal spot to have a moment of calm in daily life. She invites us to simply pay attention as we tend our gardens.

To get a feel for what it’s like to meditate in the garden, visit Cheryl’s website and listen to her guided meditations, like “A Flower in Your Heart” or “Redwood Tree Contemplation.”

Meditation helps gardeners become more aware of each moment spent in the garden.

An important point Cheryl makes is that gardeners need to be content with the garden as it is, rather than being stressed about what needs to be done.

“Instead of being a busy bee, simply be,” she says.

Cheryl tends a shade garden in the Vermont woods and says her favorite plant is Summer Snowflake (Leucojeum) because it provides six weeks of blooming beauty in the spring.

“It looks like a giant Lily of the Valley, about 16 inches tall with white bells that have green edges.”

Flowers like these are included in the lush color photographs in her book.

It took Cheryl five years to bring “The Meditative Gardener: Cultivating Mindfulness of Body, Feelings and Mind” to life. She hopes gardeners will use her book as a tool of mindfulness to discover how to cultivate a garden and a meditation practice at the same time.

Those new to meditation can begin with simple five-minute contemplations. Seasoned meditators will appreciate the variety of wisdom practices that can be transplanted into daily life in the garden, Cheryl says.

“The Meditative Gardener” is available for purchase on her website, ordered through an independent bookstore or found on


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This sounds like a book I would enjoy. I take a lot of photographs in the garden.

thanks for that tip. I adore gardening books of any kind. Cheers – D

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