Love Apple Wins Weird Veggie Gardening Contest

Congratulations to Carrie Fritz of New Prague, Minn., for taking the top prize in the 3rd Annual Weird Veggie and Funny Fruit contest sponsored by Her Love Apple is actually three tomatoes that grew into the shape of one perfect heart. “Love Apples” (La Pomme D’Amour) is an old French term for tomatoes.

Our contest judge, Geri Koncilija, chose Carrie’s entry saying, “I really grew to love this guy.”

There’s also a lot to love about the background of Carrie’s vegetable garden.  Last year her fiance was deployed overseas so they couldn’t plant a garden, but this year they were able to plant one together.  Carrie wrote, “Our garden started out of love and has blossomed.” She also mentioned that a September wedding is in the works.

Second place goes to Amy Lambert, also from Minnesota, for her Tomato Grinch. Amy’s tomato caused Geri to break into the signature song from How the Grinch Stole Christmas: “You’re a rotter, Mr. Tomato Grinch, you’re full of dreadful spots. You have no place in a garden, you’re scaring all the crops.”

Duel, grown by Rick Eichhorn, of Colorado, receives third-place honors. Our judge says, “Take that you Daucus Carota. Touche!”

Weird Veggie Honorable Mentions

Rascally Running Radish, grown by Linda Crago of Ontario, Canada

The Velveteen Potato, grown by Cindy Rajhel, California

19 Different Veggies  Entered Contest

A total of 15 gardeners provided images for 19 different entries for the 3rd Annual Weird Veggie and Funny Fruit contest. In addition to the top five finishers, there were 9 odd tomatoes, 2 kooky carrots, 1 wild tangelo, an exceptional eggplant, and a very disturbing sweet potato.

Many thanks for your entries and gardening efforts!

Kelan Smith, Colorado
David Harlow, Missouri
Christiane Reynolds, New Jersey
Melissa Allman, Georgia
Johnie Massie, California
Marilyn Wilkie, Michigan
Rebecca Carusone, New York
Candy Putman, Illinois
Celeste Rossmiller, Colorado
Rachel Singer Gordon, Illinois

Please keep on growing...see you next year!


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Wow- the entries are so great! Congratulations to the winners.
What is not to love about veggies?
Thanks for this Jodi-it is a great idea.

A great crop of weirdness. Congrats to all the winners. I think.

Hi Linda:

Thanks so much for submitting your Rascally Running Radish to the contest! I can’t wait to see what you’ll grow next year.


Hi Helen:

Thanks for dropping by to see this year’s top entries. Maybe something weird will crop up in your garden next year!


That is hilarious, love it! Thank you Jodi! Congratulations to Love Apple… Way to grow! xx

Hi Amy:

Thanks for dropping by and for being such a good veggie sport! The Tomato Grinch will always be one of my favorite Weird entries. Hope you’ll be able to join us next year,


I think it’s so fun Jodi, thank you for this and thanks to

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