Loch Ness Cucumber wins Weird Veggie Award

Here’s a photo of one of the most bizarre mysteries of all time, an anomaly rarely photographed…the Loch Ness Cucumber!

lochness-cucumber2The Loch Ness Cucumber was selected as the winner of the Weird Veggie and Funny Fruit gardening contest.

Ron Doyle of Denver, Colo., submitted the cuke, apparently following the old saying, “Presentation is everything.”

The contest judge, Geri Koncilja of Pueblo, Colo., selected the Loch Ness Cucumber for first-place honors and wrote: “This creeping vine creature has surfaced as the number one weird veggie. Congratulations you old picklehead.”

Geri knows a thing or two about pickleheads. She grew up on a Wisconsin farm where she and her sisters used to play with dolls they made from green onions.

Ron is a freelance writer and you can learn more about him at his Ron Doyle Writes web site and blog. He also writes and manages Twittercize, a free program that offers one minute exercise suggestions every hour via Twitter.

First runner up in the contest is “Who you calling ugly?” submitted by Pat Dunks of Cody, Wyo.

ugly-tomato2About this tomato, our fearless judge wrote, “This seedy character was lurking on the vine looking to take first. Maybe he’ll ketchup next year.”

Pat said this was a Better Boy tomato (with an issue). “I grow my tomatoes inside a 12 x 24 greenhouse covered with Solexx, but will have to give the area a rest next year. Cody has a short growing season so protection is needed to get any amount of tomato production.” Follow Pat on Twitter @DreamGardensLLC.

Second runner up is The Claw, submitted by Amy Grisak of Great Falls, Mont. Judge Geri wrote, “The Claw has a firm grip on third place, no reason to hide in the dirt anymore.”

contestant-3-the-claw1Amy says The Claw was definitely a mistake. “I try to be very careful about not walking on my planting beds, but this carrot seed fell more on the path than the bed. It grew funky since it had to deal with more compacted conditions.”

Follow more of Amy’s gardening adventures at her Living in Season blog.

The Ugliest Carrot in the World was grown by Alison Stoven O’Connor of Windsor, Colo., It was a late entry into the contest, so it missed the judging, but I thought it deserved to be seen.

worlds-ugliest-carrotAlison is the horticulture agent for Larimer County Extension and this was her first time growing carrots. “I was absolutely shocked when I pulled it from the ground,” she said. “I honestly have no idea how that carrot got to be that ugly.”

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest–I hope to make it an annual event. Please check back later this week to see the two Weird Veggies that grew in my garden this season.


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What? I am the WINNER?! That was some seriously weird competition I faced; I never expected it!

Thanks so much, Jodi, for your blog and this contest. Tons of fun! And more thanks to contest judge Geri Koncilja, whose hilarious puns will have my wife laughing uncontrollably!

Love these photos!

Thanks, Susan. Be sure to stop by the website on September 6 to see the winners of the 2011 contest!

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