Lettuce Grow in Small Spaces

There was such a good response to my post about how to grow round baby carrots, I thought I’d share another garden baby for small-space gardening.

‘Garden Babies’ butterhead lettuce is a cool-season leafy green that’s easy to grow in a container. I admit I fell for this variety from Renee’s Garden Seeds simply because of its name.

I couldn’t resist the idea of growing “Garden Babies” on the patio.

Garden Babies are a fairly new butterhead lettuce first developed for a sophisticated luxury market for flavor and quality, according to the seed packet information.

After growing one container of them, I have to agree. These babies are fun to grow–and to eat. The leaves are smooth with a nice, buttery texture. I used them in salads and slipped them into sandwiches. I also ate a few right out of the container.

If you’d like to grow these miniature butterheads, follow these steps:

  1. Plant the seeds in early spring following the package instructions.
  2. After the seeds sprout and start to grow into little rosettes, transplant some to containers; make sure they have enough room to grow into small heads of lettuce.
  3. You can start snipping the leaves once they grow to a good size. (One of the nice characteristics is these small heads are heat tolerant and slow to bolt.)
  4. Plant seeds again in late summer so you’ll have another batch in fall.


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