Lemon Queen Sunflower Gardening for Bees

It’s time to plant your sunflower seeds and join the Great Sunflower Project for 2011.

The Great Sunflower Project is underway! Plant Lemon Queen Sunflowers this weekend and then mark your calendar for July 16. That’s the day of the Great Bee Count of 2011.

The Great Sunflower Project is my favorite citizen science effort. Every summer gardeners across the country plant sunflowers in their gardens, count the bees that land on them, and report the results.

Even though it’s best to observe and report weekly, the Great Bee Count is the day set aside for a nation-wide count.

Bees are in trouble and they need our help. By growing sunflowers and counting bees, we can learn more about our important pollinators. More information leads to more action to help preserve and enhance pollinator habitat.

To get the best results for researchers, gardeners need to plant the same kind of sunflower and Lemon Queen is the one.  If you order seeds from Renee’s Garden part of the proceeds go to The Great Sunflower Project (enter coupon code FR225A).

If you already have your seeds–get planting. It takes 8-10 weeks to get sunflowers ready for the bees and the July 16th observation.


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