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Jung Seeds & Plants, based in Randolph, Wis., is a is a family-owned business that has offered gardeners quality products since 1907.

The annual Jung Seeds & Plants home gardening catalog is one I always look forward to reading.

This catalog features, vegetables and flowers, seeds and bulbs, fruit and all kinds of gardening supplies. It is loaded with great gardening gear from cover to cover.

It’s also entertaining to read all of the descriptions. I’d love to meet whoever wrote the description for the ‘Super Freak Hybrid’ pumpkins or the ‘Red Warty Thing’ winter squash.

Every page is loaded with clever narratives about the company’s vast amount of offerings.

Family owned and operated for 106 years, Jung’s searches for the kinds of seeds and plants that gardeners like to grow.

There are plenty of old favorites, Jung Exclusives, Jung Top Picks and new introductions, too.

The expanded catalog includes a good selection of grafted tomatoes, peppers and even eggplant. The benefit of planting a grafted vegetable, is a hardier plant that resists soil-borne diseases. These plants grow root systems that allow for better uptake of water and nutrients so plants can produce more fruit.

Some of the new flowers for this season include the ‘Jams ‘N Jellies’ hybrid vinca series with color names like Blackberry and the American Pie mix. Delish!

I’m also attracted to the ‘Big Kiss’ gazanias that are super-sized with striped petals.

There’s a nice selection of roses, too.

Why grow an ordinary watermelon when you can select a short-season ‘Sugar Baby’? These personal size watermelons mature in 70-80 days, which would make them a good selection for our area. ‘Yellow Doll’ hybrid is another early watermelon (65) days that has bright yellow flesh that’s sweet. This watermelon is also a good selection for small-space gardens because it can grow vertically on a trellis.

But despite the unusual varieties, witty vegetable names and funny descriptions, this company is all business. Among the specialty varieties are traditional fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, vines, trees, and shrubs. Pawpaw trees share the catalog’s pages with strawberries, raspberries and gooseberries. There are also plenty of peppers, tons of tomatoes and reams of radishes.

Jung’s also offers a good selection of growing accessories, seed starting supplies, fertilizers, and insect, pest, and disease controls.

Gardeners can shop Jung’s online store, the online catalog or request a printed catalog.


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