June Blogathon Means 30 Days of Gardening Tips

pink rosesThirty blog posts in 30 days? That’s what the June Blogathon is all about.

Once again, I’ve taken on the challenge of writing 30 different gardening blog posts for the annual writer’s challenge.

Starting today, I’ve committed to posting something new on my WesternGardeners.com blog every day specifically to help all kinds of gardeners.

I’ve created a blogging calendar and have a lot of ground I’d like to cover.

In addition to some of my favorite hardy plants (like the gorgeous John Cabot climbing rose pictured here), I plan on blogging about…

  • New plants and gardening products I’m testing in my garden this season
  • Easy ideas for gardening in small spaces, like balconies and patios
  • How-to’s for saving money and water in the garden
  • Gardening book reviews
  • Vegetable gardening tips
  • Tips for planting healthy trees
  • Recipes for using fresh, garden-grown fruits and vegetables
  • Updates about the annual Weird Veggie and Funny Fruit Contest
  • Answers to questions gardeners send in through Twitter and Facebook
  • Images from gardens around the globe…and more!

Do you have a gardening question you’ve always wanted to ask? Please let me know, and I’ll add it to my list as a test of master gardener’s know-how.

About the John Cabot climbing rose

As for that John Cabot climbing rose…it’s a hardy rose (to Zone 3) and it’s part of the Canadian Explorer breeding series.

The canes grow about 10 feet tall, so give it plenty of space. The large, double flowers give a big bloom in June, then sporadically through the summer.

Because these roses are especially fragrant, they attract bees like crazy. The bees harvest the pollen, and the cutter bees harvest the leaves to line their nests.

I planted two small roses years ago and they continue to bloom reliably year after year — and no issues with black spot or other problems.

Some of my roses died to the ground after an unexpected freeze in November, but this climbing rose came through that flash freeze in pretty good shape.

There are quite a few online retailers that offer this great rose. Just search for John Cabot climbing rose and select your favorite color.


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