Iris Reticulata is the First Sign of Spring

This little Iris reticulata appeared over the weekend to announce spring is on its way–whether I’m ready or not.

After its appearance, the little reticulated iris withstood freezing temperatures and a dusting of snow just to remind me that springtime in the Rockies is a state of mind, rather than a call to start gardening.

I seem to remember one nice, warm day in February when the weather was ideal for pruning the red-twig dogwood shrubs, trimming back the brown-eyed Susan stems, and pulling back some of the leaf mulch to reveal a few green sprigs that will soon turn into daylilies.

But for the most part, the weather has been too cold, too windy, too sleety, and just plain too uncomfortable to spend any amount of time outside. Yet there’s so much to be done.

I have to remind myself there’s no real reason to rush the season. There will be plenty of time to sprinkle the lettuce seeds, refresh the garden bed, harden off the transplants. There will be time for clipping and snipping, bending and pulling, and planting and planting and planting.

So for now, I’ll appreciate this lull when I can spend a few minutes looking closely at my little iris and enjoy the quiet.


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