Hug a Plant for National Indoor Gardening Day

The National Gardening Association and AeroGrow selected Sept. 1 as National Indoor Gardening Day.

aerogarden-blog1The chill in the morning air tells me gardening season is coming to a close. Sure, we can plant some veggies to harvest later in the fall or get creative with ways to extend the season, but some gardeners are happy to hang up the hoe.

AeroGrow, the makers of the AeroGarden, and the National Gardening Association are promoting the idea of year round gardening by moving the growing inside. Together they’ve designated Sept. 1 as National Indoor Gardening Day.

I first wrote about the AeroGarden in 2007 for a story called “The Dirt on Soilless Growing” that included both hydroponic and aeroponic growing techniques.

For those unfamiliar with the AeroGarden, it’s a counter-top kitchen garden for growing plants without soil or  hydroponic media. The plants are suspended above a system that automatically mists the roots with water and nutrients.

The Boulder-based company spent five years researching the technology to make it simple enough for anyone to use. Just plug it in and start to grow.

There are two components to the AeroGarden: the system that gently “rains” the solution on plant roots and the pre-seeded grow pods. The seeds in the pods sprout in just days and some greens can be harvested in just over three weeks.

Seed kits contain a variety of culinary herbs, salad greens and even vegetables. The company has expanded its product lines over the years, including the seed-starting kit I used to start all of my tomato and pepper seeds early this year.

As part of National Indoor Gardening Day, free one-hour gardening workshops were held in a number of cities. For those who couldn’t attend, the workshop will be available online Sept. 2.


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