How to Grow a Zombie Garden for Halloween

Don’t worry about the Zombie Apocalypse–it’s already here!

Zombies are everywhere these days, even on your kitchen counter. Here’s how you can grow your own zombie garden for Halloween.

The Zombie Grassland kit includes everything you need to grow real grass and stage a miniature zombie scene.

Just fill the clear plastic base with one layer of sand followed by a layer of vermiculite. Add one cup of water to the vermiculite so it thoroughly moistens the entire surface.

Sprinkle the Creeping Bent grass seed evenly over the vermiculite, making sure the entire surface is covered. Place the clear lid over the box and wait 3-5 days for the grass seeds to germinate.

Once the grass is growing, arrange the zombie design stakes in the grassland to create the scary scene of your choice.

The Zombie Grassland, one of several grow-it-yourself kits, is available at Hot Topic retail stores or online from


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