Hornet’s Nest Adds Gardening Interest

The bald-faced hornet (D. maculata) belongs to the wasp family and is known for its elaborate hanging paper nests.

We noticed the beginnings of a bald-faced hornet’s nest on the ceiling of the front porch in mid-June.

I wasn’t sure what it was when I first saw it, but then I noticed the insect activity.

John grabbed his camera, stepped outside and took this photo that shows the inside of the nest, complete with several hornets and the first batch of eggs.

These wasps are common in the Rocky Mountain region, but this is the first time I’d spotted one of their nests so close to mine.

I’m more familiar with the nests of western paper wasps because I often find them hanging inside the eves of the playhouse I have in my garden.

Because I’m a big believer in live and let live, I try not to disturb these nests during the summer and choose to wait until winter before disposing of them. I also try to take preventive measures in early spring to keep wasps from building them in the first place.

Even though these guys aren’t as cute as the bumblebees buzzing around my roses, I appreciate the work they do as beneficial predators.

The bald-faced hornets have been busy for the last month. Here’s what theĀ  looked like this morning.

There was a lot of activity with the hornets flying in and out of the nest at a pretty good clip.

I’ve decided to stay away from them, if they’ll stay away from me, too.


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wow that looks bad…i had a nest of wasps in my home in detroit….

Well, this really wasn’t as bad as you might think. The wasps build a beautiful a nest and I stayed clear of it so there weren’t any problems at all.

Thanks for your comment!

I saw a big bug flying around on my north deck. it flew into a nest that looked like a cocoon and attached to a flower stand. I captured it in a jar( nest and bug)I looked it up on the pc.it was a ball faced hornet. what do I do now ha.

I just took several photos of, and removed an inactive nest that recently appeared on my house near Dayton, Nevada.

I’ve left my nest in place to warn off other wasps from building nearby. It seems to work.

Thanks for getting in touch,

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