Happy New Year from My Gnome to Yours

Brian, the Garden Gnome, will no doubt bring good luck and more wild birds to my organic garden this year.

Brian the Gnome blogHappy New Gardening Year to you! I hope your year is off to a great start.

If you’re like many other gardeners, you spent some of the cold days of December thinking about your 2009 garden and planning ahead for the 2010 growing season.

Some of the resolutions gardeners posted here for our resolutions contest in December, appeared on the Baltimore Sun Newspaper’s website in Susan Reimer’s “Garden Variety” blog on January 1.

I think every gardener can relate to other gardener’s resolutions. Who hasn’t vowed to set a garden budget and then blow it at the first garden sale in spring? I’m also guilty of going plant crazy, buying too many beautiful plants and then searching for a spot to plant them.

I posted my gardening resolutions on VegetableGardener.com (a Fine Gardening website) where I recently became a contributing editor. My resolutions include aiming for zero-waste gardening, getting an earlier start in spring and participating in the Plant A Row for the Hungry effort.

I’ll be writing weekly about all things veg for the new site. In December I wrote reviews of three of my favorite seed catalogs: Botanical Interests, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and Renee’s Seeds. I hope you’ll stop by the Vegetable Gardener site soon, read the reviews and learn about all of the terrific new offerings for this year.

One gardening trend I’m delighted to see is that more companies are selling seeds meant for container growing. These plants produce full-size flowers and fruit, but were developed specifically for those of us who enjoy growing in containers.

I have other seed and plant catalogs that I’d like to introduce to you and plan to post reviews here in the future. So many seeds and so little time!

Do you have a favorite seed catalog you’d like to me to add to the list? If so, please post it here.


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I really like Wood Prairie Farm potato catalogue. The graphics and the information are both nicely done. And I love their potatoes too!

Thanks for letting me know about Wood Prairie Farm–I’ll be sure to check it out!

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