Happy New Gardening Year 2017


Welcome to 2017 and a brand new gardening year. What plans do you have for the coming season?

A snowy start to the new year is a good time to brew a cup of tea and spend a few minutes thinking about the garden. Perhaps some of my latest ideas will help inspire you:

This week I wrote about one of the newest trends in preserving the harvest, although it’s also one of the oldest. My post at VegetableGardener.com may help you find new ways to stick to this year’s resolutions or it might help you find new ways to prepare the next bumper crop of zucchini as you Resolve to Enjoy Fermented Vegetables in the New Year.

If you’re contemplating what to do with your winter landscape, this post on my Lowe’s Mountain Region blog gives tips for taking care of trees and perennials during the winter. In Winter Gardening Helps Protect Trees and Plants, I’ve also included ways to enjoy the beauty of your winter garden.

If you’re looking for a way to chase the winter blues away, try growing citrus trees indoors. A Living Gift for the Holidays, written for Nick’s Garden Center, includes all the best practices for growing dwarf fruit trees.

Another blog post I wrote for Nick’s is How to Create Winter Container Gardens. It’s not too late to use your creativity to fill an empty container or two to keep the patio from looking so bleak. If the container soil is frozen, simply warm it up with some boiling water and then add your greenery to enhance the scenery.


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