Happy Gardening Oops Day 2009

Gardening Oops Day is the brainchild of  Joene Hendry, a Connecticut resident, who knows gardening can’t happen without a few mistakes.

denver-rose-blogSomeone once told me, “If you’re not killing plants, you’re not really gardening” and I took that to heart. Because I consider my landscape one big experiment, I have a lot to contribute to Gardening Oops Day 2009.

A miniature rose is the special feature of this oops. The Denver’s Dream was a beautiful coral rose given to me by my mother-in-law as a house-warming present. I planted it in a sunny spot in the front garden and it did well for several seasons.

Unfortunately, I had also planted a tiny juniper in that same bed. The juniper was given to me by a friend–she had found a pine cone that sprouted and thought it would be a good addition to my new landscape.

Because I had no idea how large that juniper would grow, I didn’t realize that it would soon outgrow its space and block the sun from my poor Denver Dream.

I tried to save the rose by moving it to another bed, but it didn’t survive.

I still feel just awful about losing that rose, but now I think ahead and put the right plant in the right place based on its size when full grown.

What Gardening Oops can you recall?


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Sorry to hear about your rose. I have a pink dogwood that I moved twice before I found it the right location … would have saved my self a lot of time and the dogwood a lot of trauma if I had just planned out its spot ahead of time and stuck to it. Thanks for joining GOOPs day.

Hi Jodi,

I think I need to get a t-shirt with “If you’re not killing plants, you’re not really gardening” on it! I’ve never heard that expression before but you can bet I’ll be repeating it – and I promise I’ll give you credit.

Not planning for mature size is a classic gardening GOOPs that I think every gardener has made at one time or another. My GOOPs is about hosta and deer and how the two should not be combined. You can find my full post on my blog at http://www.gardenofpossibilities.com.

I know of a fellow gardener who says she’ll try a plant in three different places in her landscape before she gives up on it.

Hey, Debbie–t-shirts are a great idea! I like that quote because it gives every gardener permission to take a few risks in the garden.

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