Gardening Yields Wild Vegetables

The Weird Veggie and Funny Fruit photo contest showed off Mother Nature’s–and gardeners’–creativity. Here are two of my home-grown contributions as examples of what happens when vegetables go wild.

sweet-cheeks-blogI was surprised and delighted to find “Sweet Cheeks” among the yellow ‘pair’ tomato pickin’s one day.

John composed the picture as a piece of art to capture its image forever.

rockaby-baby-squash-blog1“Rockaby Baby Squash” was also a pleasant surprise. I pulled back the large leaves of my summer squash and saw these twins just waiting to be held.


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Wow. A derriere tomato and a pair of spooning squash. Are you growing a garden or a love nest? 😉

Well, Ron, there does seem to be a whole lotta pollinating going on!

Can’t say it better than Ron, very funny!

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