Gardening with Miniature Peppers

My vegetable pick of the week: Red Mini Bell peppers.

One of my favorite vegetable plants in my container garden last summer was a crop of adorable mini bell peppers.

These miniature versions of red bell peppers made gardening (and eating) fun.

I selected mini bells to add to my other pepper selections because I haven’t had good luck growing full-size bell peppers. I blame that on having a short growing season combined with fickle spring weather.

But these minis meant sweet pepper success!

I started several miniature bell pepper plants from seed and waited until mid-June to transplant them into the garden. Night-time temperatures weren’t consistently warm enough for planting earlier.

Each plant grew to about 24 inches in containers in my small-space garden and took only 60 days to start producing peppers. Each pepper was only several inches tall and wide, but the flesh was tender, sweet, and quite flavorful.

I had to resist picking the first green ones because I wanted to watch them to ripen to a bright red and then they were almost too cute to eat.

They dressed up a green salad with thin rings of pepper. Sometimes I removed the seeds and filled them with a creamy dip to serve as appetizers.

Now’s the time to order seed or put them on your garden center shopping list for spring.


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how big was the container you used in terms of height/depth?

Hi Mary:

Thanks for your question–I believe it was a 5-gallon container, about 11″ wide and 12″ deep. One pepper plant was a perfect fit for it.


I am happy I came upon this information. I have seedlings for mini bells in red, yellow and chocolate from seeds received in a trade. They are ready to be put in the ground but it is still a bit too cold and I just realized I did not know how tall they grew. I grow all my hot peppers in pots, so I’ll probably grow these in the ground. I am really looking forward to them because like you, I do not get too many of the full-sized bells in our short season. Thank you for the post.

Hi Roslyn:

I think you’ll have fun growing these peppers–and cooking with them, too. They’re so cute!

Best wishes,

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