Gardening tool runs circles around weeds

The circlehoe is a gardening tool for weeding and cultivating close to plants without harming delicate roots.

circlehoe-blogMany years ago when I first started gardening, I had only a few tools: a round shovel, a heavy-duty rake and a traditional wide-blade hoe.

When I hoed my garden to get rid of weeds, I dug in hard and ended up chopping up some of the very plants I was trying to protect.

I wish I would’ve had a circlehoe back then.

The circlehoe is another one of my favorite gardening tools because it doesn’t let me make deadly mistakes in the garden. Unlike my old hoe, the circular design of its head lets me do close-in weeding without worrying about accidentally chopping down a plant or hurting its foliage.

In fact, chopping is a thing of the past. The circlehoe requires only a smooth pulling and slicing move to make fast work of the dreaded weeding chore. Very slick.

The video on the circlehoe website shows how it works.

The circlehoe was introduced to gardeners in 1997 by Ralph Henningsen of Sebastopol, Calif. One of the hoe’s biggest fans is Sunset Magazine, listing it in 4 different Sunset publications and including it in its list of 100 most significant gardening products during Sunset’s 100 years.

I love my mini-circlehoe and would like to add the long-handled hoe to my garden toolbox. It looks like that one would be a lot easier on my back.

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Loved your blog. Where can I purchase the circlehoe

Thanks for stopping by–here’s the link to the circlehoe website:

Where can I purchase a long handle circle hoe in the Salem/greater Portland area? I would be happy to order one from you and pay the shipping.

Thanks for your question about purchasing a circle hoe. Just click on the Circle Hoe link in the story for the company website and information on how to place an order (and a phone number for more information).


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