Gardening Talk Presents New Opportunities

I had a terrific time giving a presentation to The Herb Society of America–Rocky Mountain Unit yesterday evening. Many thanks to Peggy Vonburg for inviting me to talk about “Your Garden to the Rescue.”

I always enjoy meeting other gardeners, so I especially appreciated the chance to meet all the nice folks who belong to The Herb Society of AmericaRocky Mountain Unit. I also got the chance to see the historic building that houses The Colorado Federation of Garden Clubs.

The group asked a lot of good questions during and after my talk, especially when it came to discussing populations of native ladybugs and native bees.

I’ll do a little research and address some of those issues here in the future.

My presentation was an opportunity to encourage everyone in the group to get involved in some citizen science projects that are close to my heart. I also learned about the Herb Society’s own GreenBridges Initiative.

GreenBridges is a native plant conservation program that certifies gardens across the country. This network of  green corridors helps birds, bees, and butterflies find safe havens while in flight.

My landscape may qualify for certification, but I’ll need to spend a little time evaluating what I grow to make sure my gardening efforts meet the minimum standards set by the Herb Society’s Native Herb Conservation Committee.

If I don’t have enough native herbs now, it would be a wonderful excuse to start planting some this spring.


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Jodi, your presentation “Your Garden to the Rescue” was fabulous and enjoyed by all — we learned so much! I think many of us in the Rocky Mtn. Unit are now motivated to participate in one or more citizenry projects. I, for one, am planning on qualifying for the Certified Wildlife Habitat Program asap. See you and thanks again!

Peggy, I’m so glad to hear the presentation inspired you! It certainly was my pleasure to share the information with your nice group and I hope others will follow your lead.

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