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Looking for a speaker for your garden club, group or special event?

Jodi Torpey is a professional garden writer, certified master gardener and author of “The Colorado Gardener’s Companion: An Insider’s Guide to Gardening in the Centennial State


Jodi is an experienced public speaker and corporate trainer with a knack for tailoring her programs to meet the needs of each audience. Every program
is designed to be informative, interactive and fun.

Jodi’s programs are inspirational, educational and filled with…

  • Research-based gardening methods
  • Practical, down-to-earth information
  • Immediately usable ideas
  • Creative techniques to energize gardens and gardeners


– Areas of Expertise –

Jodi has a special interest in helping other gardeners cultivate successful gardens in a challenging climate. As a Colorado native, she has first-hand experience dealing with poor soil conditions, extreme temperature fluctuations, intense sunlight and the lack of reliable precipitation.

In addition to founding, Jodi is contributing editor to (A Fine Gardening magazine website) and is also published on the website.

Other writing credits include Horticulture Magazine, The American Gardener, Zone 4, Aquascape Lifestyles, America City Business Journals, Lawn & Garden Retailer, Landscape Management and Canada’s Québec Vert. She’s also a long-time contributor to the gardening pages of The Denver Post newspaper.

Jodi is a quoted source for national magazine articles on gardening topics, including green gardening, vegetable gardening and Xeriscaping. She presents programs to groups like the High and Dry Xeriscape Conference for San Miguel and Montrose Counties and the Western Landscape Symposium in Pueblo.

Jodi designs custom programs tailored in content and length for any audience. She also has a number of prepared program topics:

Edible Spaces in Small Places

Don’t let the lack of garden space keep you from enjoying fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Discover how to turn a balcony, patio or windowsill into an economical and productive garden. This program provides everything you need to get started from creative container options to the veggie varieties that give the biggest bang for the buck.

Successful $trategies for Gardening on the Cheap

If you’re growing your garden to save money on groceries or cut flowers, it doesn’t make sense to invest in expensive seeds, containers, fertilizers and gardening supplies. This session is geared to frugal gardeners looking for inexpensive options for planting and growing.

Your Garden to the Rescue

Did you know your garden can be more than just another pretty place? Every garden can be transformed into a living laboratory that helps researchers find answers to real-world questions. Discover the ways you can use your garden to identify changes in the climate, track migrating species, and monitor the health of the environment. Your Garden to the Rescue provides information on what herbs to plant and how to get involved. Whether you prefer to watch the birds or the bees, monitor buds on plants, or count the spots on ladybugs, there’s a citizen-science project waiting for you.

Gardeners vs. Global Warming: Ways to Cope with a Changing Climate

Climate change, due to global warming, is creating new challenges for gardeners from coast to coast. Gardeners vs. Global Warming describes the changes we can expect to see in our region and offers nine ways gardeners can thoughtfully manage their gardens to reduce the impacts of a changing climate.

How to Save Water and $$ in the Landscape

Experts say that up to 60% of household water is used outdoors to water lawns and gardens. Of that water, 40-50% is wasted because of poor sprinkler system design and maintenance. This program includes 101 easy-to-implement ideas for saving water and living within your water budget.


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