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Jodi Torpey is an award-winning vegetable gardener, master gardener and author of Blue Ribbon Vegetable Gardening and The Colorado Gardener’s Companion.

GWA: The Garden Writer’s Association presented a silver medal to Blue Ribbon Vegetable Gardening in the Best Gardening Book category for 2015.

Jodi is an experienced public speaker with a knack for tailoring her entertaining programs to meet the needs of each audience and event.  She’s traveled from coast to coast (as well as to Quebec, Canada) to help gardeners of all levels get more from their gardening and landscaping efforts.

Every program is tailored to meet the needs of each group. Her most popular program topics include:

How to Grow Prizewinning Produce

Step right up! Marvel at mammoth pumpkins, gander at giant cabbages and ogle enormous onions! Try your hand at growing the biggest, tastiest and best-looking vegetables for miles around. It’s as much fun as a funnel cake to enter a vegetable contest and be part of the excitement of an American fair. Discover how to choose the top vegetable varieties, schedule planting dates and prepare for the big show. Insider tips let you learn to think like a judge. Come one, come all! This entertaining session benefits any vegetable gardener who’d like to grow high-quality produce for eating instead of competing.

Edible Spaces in Small Places

Don’t let the lack of garden space keep you from enjoying fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Discover how to turn a balcony, patio, deck or windowsill into an economical and productive garden. This program provides everything you need to get started from creative container options to the veggie varieties that give the biggest bang for the buck.

How to Foodscape Your Landscape or The Incredible Edible Yard

Discover how to transform an ordinary landscape into an incredible edible garden. This program provides the simple steps for beautifying your yard by adding fruits, vegetables and herbs in unexpected ways. Learn how to integrate edible plants into your flower beds and replace conventional ornamental shrubs and flowering plants with attractive and appetizing alternatives. The design ideas for every size foodscape will surely inspire your own garden of eatin’.

How to Save Water and Money in the Landscape

You can grow a beautiful and productive landscape while staying within your water budget. This workshop will help you rethink every drop of water you use on your lawn, in your flowerbeds and in your vegetable garden, too. You’ll learn how much water—and money—is wasted outdoors, and what you can do about it, including how to plant a xeriscape. Discover dozens of simple water-saving strategies to help you make the most of every precious drop of water used in your landscape.

Successful $trategies for Gardening on the Cheap

If you’re growing your garden to save money on groceries or cut flowers, it doesn’t make sense to invest in pricey plants, costly containers, fancy fertilizers or gardening supplies. This session is geared to gardeners of all levels looking for inexpensive options for planting and growing. Gardeners leave armed with a year’s worth of money-saving gardening tips from one of the most frugal gardeners around.

A Dirty Dozen for Gardening on the Cheap–Demonstration

In this fast-paced gardening demonstration you’ll learn a dozen different ways to garden on the cheap—indoors and out. In quick succession you’ll discover how to grow garlic greens, deal organically with insect pests, make a portable potting bench, grow the most nutritionally dense food in a jar, mix up your own potting soil, grow a carrot centerpiece, test last season’s vegetable seeds, stock up on free fertilizers and more.

Your Garden to the Rescue

Did you know your garden can be more than just another pretty place? Every gardener can be a citizen scientist, and every garden can be a living laboratory to help researchers find answers to real-world questions. Discover the ways you can use your garden to identify changes in the climate, track migrating species, and monitor the health of the environment. Your Garden to the Rescue provides information on what to plant and how to get involved. Whether you prefer to watch the birds or the bees, monitor buds on plants, or count the spots on ladybugs, there’s a citizen-science project waiting for you.

Gardeners vs. Global Warming: Ways to Cope with a Changing Climate

Climate change, due to global warming, is creating new challenges for gardeners from coast to coast. Gardeners vs. Global Warming describes the changes we can expect to see in our region and offers nine ways gardeners can thoughtfully manage their gardens to reduce the impacts of a changing climate.

For questions or to invite Jodi to speak to your group, contact jodi at westerngardeners dot com

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