Gardening Review of New Mud Gloves

I gave a pair of Cool Mud Gloves a real workout in two different gardens over the last week and I was pleased with the results. (Photo provided by Mud Gloves).

I give Mud Gloves two green thumbs up for sending me three pairs of gloves from the new Mud line for 2010. I have to say the pair I tested were some of the most comfortable gardening gloves I’ve worn.

The Cool Mud Gloves fit like a second skin and I was able to keep them on the entire time I was pulling weeds, clipping stems and brushing the hair out of my eyes.

I’m the kind of gardener who starts out with gloves and then ends up taking them off to dig down between two rocks to get a better grip on the small starts of weeds. But because these gloves fit so well, there was no need for bare fingers.

I tried the Cool Mud style because it’s designed for working in warm weather and it has an aloe vera additive, is breathable and water repellent. I wore them all day long in complete comfort. I also like that the retail price is $6.99 a pair.

Mud Gloves introduced its “Original Mud Glove” more than 20 years ago and I’m glad to see they’re still going strong. They use solid materials and take pride in their craftsmanship. The company still has it’s original motto: “If they aren’t comfortable, you won’t wear them” and from my experience that’s true.

One of the nice things about Mud Gloves is that each style was created with a specific task in mind. The new Sunflower style is a long “evening glove” style that features a UV blocking fabric to protect hands, arms and elbows from the sun’s harmful rays.

I also love the Mud Puddles gloves for kids. These are made especially for little hands and are a nice way to get kids involved in the garden.

Mud also sent along this recipe for Mud Pie…a great way to celebrate the start of gardening season. No gloves required for making this chocolaty frozen dessert.

Mud Pie

20 chocolate sandwich cookies, finely crushed
4 Tbsp. butter or margarine, melted
2 cups chocolate ice cream, softened
2 cups coffee ice cream, softened
1 cup frozen whipped topping, thawed
1 cup hot fudge ice cream topping

Mix crushed cookies and butter until well blended. Press firmly onto bottom and up side of a 9-inch pie plate. Refrigerate 30 minutes.

Carefully spread chocolate ice cream over crust. Spread coffee ice cream over chocolate layer. Next, spread whipped topping evenly over ice cream. Top with hot fudge topping.

Freeze at least 7 hours or overnight until firm. Remove from freezer 10 minutes before serving. Immediately refreeze any remaining pie.

Makes 10 servings.


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A good pair of gardening gloves are highly valued, and if one can keep them on for all sorts of tasks, then that is a good pair.

My Spring gardening tip is, no matter how eager you are to start planting, hold off until the time is right. Your seedlings and plants will be healthier for it and will catch up and possibly surpass those planted too soon.

Those sound great! I haven’t done a lot of gardening but I plan to soon since I moved to a new place this month. I basically have a blank slate to work with in the back yard. I’d have to say my favorite thing about spring gardening is getting a fresh start!

The gloves look fantastic. I have not seen them so I would love to have a pair. Thank you for the blog.

Although the gardening season is short in CO, I am enjoying getting to know new flowers, grasses and shrubs, which we did not have in SC! I have been so lucky to find Jodi and Western Gardners to get me started not only in my yard, but also in our fledgling Lakewood Community Garden. New gloves would be great to share with all of the gardeners in our group. We are just praying that the hail stays away this year, so we can have more than 4 tomatoes, some basil and other herbs.

My favorite part of spring gardening is watching everything come to life. Planting a seed and checking the dirt to see those first little springs of life popping out is the very best.

I can’t wait to try a pair of these gloves! And I cannot wait to get my hands into the dirt! I am new to Colorado gardening (after being overrun with a crazy garden for 10 years in Florida) and I am so excited to learn 🙂

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