Gardening Moooves Indoors with Manure Tea

The first hard freeze of the season means it’s time to bring gardening efforts indoors with a special offer of moo poo tea from our friend Annie Haven:  Place any order at the website, mention you’re a reader, and you’ll receive 2 free manure tea bags. Offer expires November 30.( Photos provided by Brenda Haas)

If you’ve neglected your houseplants over the summer like I have, it’s time to give them the attention they deserve.

Besides adding greenery to the indoor scenery, houseplants provide the vital function of exchanging carbon dioxide for oxygen to improve indoor air quality. Plants also filter common toxins and keep our green thumbs in shape for next year’s gardening season.

One of the ways I’ve committed to taking care of my houseplants is by treating them to the same nutrient-rich manure tea I use outdoors. I’ve been organic gardening with manure tea by using it regularly in my container garden and vegetable bed all summer. I know my houseplants will love it, too.

Annie Haven, owner of Authentic Haven Brand Products, says the same simple directions for feeding plants outside works indoors, too. Brew a manure teabag in a one-gallon container and dilute 1 cup tea to 4 cups water. She says she feeds her plants every time she waters them.

There are a lot of fans of green gardening with manure tea, including Brenda Haas, a freelance photographer in Ohio who has brewed more than 100 gallons of manure tea in her garden and greenhouse this summer.

Brenda brewed her first manure teabag as part of a photography assignment and then wondered how she was going to use the tea. She says she wasn’t sure about using a tea made out of manure to fertilize, but she watered her houseplants with that first batch. After a few days, she breathed a sigh of relief to see all of her houseplants were still alive.

“After a week passed, I noticed one of the tropicals had begun to bloom. I don’t think I had ever seen a bloom on that plant in the three years I’ve had it in the house.”

Brenda then decided to brew her next batch of manure tea to water the seedlings growing in her greenhouse for her spring planting.

“By the end of the summer, brewing Haven Brand became a weekly event. The tea is easy to brew and I love that I’m doing something good for my garden and for my family,” she says.

“My raised bed tomatoes and cucumbers were full of flavor and grew beyond expectations and I’ve never seen so many blooms on my Hibiscus so late in the season.”

Brenda plans to carry on the growing green tradition by brewing more manure tea this winter and invites you to grow along with her.  Place any order at, mention you’re a reader, and you’ll receive 2 free manure tea bags. Offer ends November 30.


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I love it… thank you for sharing my green world thanks for Manure Tea! I am honored to be on your blog. I look forward to sharing more of my green experience as I grow year 2 in the winter greenhouse here in Ohio. Best Wishes – Bren

Hey Bren–Thanks for your comment and for your commitment to growing green!

Hello Jodi:

What an honor to have you write about the benefits of Authentic Haven Brand manure tea for your indoor plants and gardens. Bren your words and pictures are beautiful. I thank you and my Moo’s do too. I look forward to sharing my natural nutrient manure teas with all readers

Hi Annie,

Thanks for being such a good friend to gardeners! Your all-natural soil conditioning teas have come along at just the right time for anyone who wants to grow green–indoors or out.


Hi Jodi, thank you for this article, I look forward to using Annies Manure Tea very soon.

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