Gardening Means Everything

Congratulations to Cherrie LiFonti for winning The Heirloom Life Gardener in last week’s special giveaway*.

I thought I was just collecting comments as a way to share my review copy of a new gardening book, but it turns out the giveaway was much more than that. I found out how much gardening means to gardeners.

I found common themes in the comments that 40 gardeners posted here last week.

Many gardeners explained how gardening helps connect them to family (past and present), nature and plants.

One gardener summed up my thoughts about gardening with heirlooms in how planting those seeds connects the gardener to others who planted that same variety many years ago.

Some gardeners mentioned how gardening is all about learning and discovering. For others it’s a new passion.

Gardening helps reduce the food bill by putting organic vegetables and herbs on the table, but it also feeds the spirit and mind. It’s peaceful and relaxing. It brings back happy childhood memories. It’s free therapy.

Many thanks to all the gardeners who shared their thoughts and feelings about gardening!

*The winner of the book was selected at random from all comments using an online randomizer program.

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