Gardening Experiments for 2011

Every gardening season brings ideas for growing experiments in the vegetable garden.

I know for some people, gardening is a serious endeavor–and I used to feel that way, too.

But now I look at my garden as one big experiment in what I can get away with in sowing and growing.

In past seasons I’ve grown round baby carrots in a large patio container, planted Italian heirloom squash on a rose arbor, and raised a crop of potatoes in a trash bag.

But not all my experiments have been successful.

Some especially notable failures include trying to get a head start on spring by transplanting tomatoes into the garden in March and planting peppers long before the weather warmed.

This year I plan to expand my culinary crop and stretch my skills with some new-to-me vegetables and herbs I’ll plant from seed, like tomatillos and cumin.

I’m going to try growing Tabasco peppers to make my own hot sauce and I’m looking forward to planting Mache and Swiss Chard in containers just as soon as I can. I also hope to answer the question, “Will beets grow on my patio?”

What gardening experiments do you have planned for this season? Please share your ideas here.


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