Gardening Contest to Name That Plant

If it’s Thursday in May, it’s time to play Name That Plant. All you have to do is take a look at the pictures of this mystery plant, read for clues and post your guess in the comments section.

I’ll draw a name at random from all of the correct answers and the winner will receive something from my stash of aHaModern Living prizes. Contest ends today at midnight Mountain time.

I had the chance to plant one of these ornamental plants several years ago, and even though it grows well under many conditions, I didn’t think I had enough space for it in my garden.

It makes for interesting gardening if you have room for its shrub-like form that can grow to 12 feet tall and 8 feet wide.

In addition to its ornamental features, in early spring it produces lovely tropical-looking flowers that are usually purple and white.

The flowers are followed by bright red, tear-drop shaped edible fruit.

The mystery plant grows naturally in several high mountain regions of the world, but it’s quite adaptable and seems to flourish when planted in ordinary garden soil, as long as it gets plenty of sun.

Wildlife, like birds and other small critters, enjoy the fruit from this plant, but many gardeners prefer to cover it with netting so they can harvest the fruit for themselves.

The red berries can be eaten fresh or dried into raisin-like snacks that fetch a high price at the market.

Now…can you name that plant?


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Has to be cranberry!

It sounds like currants. I almost said salmon berry as I have lots of them.

Is it quince?

how about huckleberry? I used to pick them in the mountains.





Wolfberry. Can I vote more than once? 🙂

It’s gotta be Gogi Berry. Where did you get that plant?

I think it’s Goji.

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