Gardeners are crime-fighting superheros

Something as simple as planting flowers can be a powerful tool in crime prevention.

container-of-petunias-blogI recently read an article on how a group of concerned citizens got growing to reduce the number of burglaries in their Tokyo neighborhood.

When the number of break-ins in one area reached nearly 2000, it was time to put “Operation Flower” into action.

Operation Flower grew from one neighborhood watch group that discovered there were fewer problems in buildings with flowers planted outside. It seems with more people planting and maintaining flowers, there were more people keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

Volunteers are asked to plant seeds along the side streets and in front of their homes and then to tend them. As gardeners looked after their flowers, they were also able to lookout for any potential trouble.

These crime prevention efforts paid off for the neighborhood and its residents. The number of burglaries dropped 80 percent.

A St. Petersburg, Fla., neighborhood also saw the results of planting a garden in a high-crime area. Apparently criminals there “don’t like to hang out in neighborhoods that look nice and are well lit.”


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