Frugal Gardening Tips for Fall

Don’t put those gardening gloves away just yet–fall is perfect for planting perennials.

fall-garden-blogMother Nature may be slowing down this time of year, but smart gardeners know planting in the fall isn’t only frugal, it gives perennials a head start on spring.

Fall planting can begin in late August and last through late September, as long as the weather holds. Cooler nights are the signal for plants to redirect energy from supporting top growth to building strong root systems.

Besides giving perennials time to get established, there are other advantages to planting in the fall. Crisp fall mornings also make the time spent outside more pleasant for gardeners.

Most perennials can be snatched up at bargain prices and they’ll need less water and care.

Almost all of the perennials remaining in nurseries and garden centers can be planted in fall, except for those that bloom in fall.  Plants to avoid include include zauschneria, salvias, and agastaches, and warm-season ornamental grasses like miscanthus and panicums.

However, cool season grasses, like calamagrostis and festucas, are fine for fall planting.

Fall is also a great time for gardeners who like to garden on the cheap. Many perennials can be snatched up at bargain prices.

Here are some other tips for frugal fall gardening:

1. Check out online garden catalogs like Vintage Gardens for their fall clearance sales.
2. Save 30 % on seeds for next year’s garden at Renee’s Garden.
3. Dig up and divide plants that have outgrown their space in the garden.
4. Host a plant exchange party with neighbors, family and friends.
5. Save seeds to plant next year.
6. Dig up turf now and start a xeriscape to save on water and fertilizer next year.
6. Google “online plant sales” for other great discounts on trees and shrubs.

Fall’s the prime time for one final push before we gardeners go dormant for the winter.


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