Forget-Me-Nots Poem for Mother’s Day

Every Mother’s Day I like to share a little bit about my mom who passed away on Valentine’s Day in 2008. Even though she wasn’t much of a gardener, she was a talented poet who loved nature and the natural world. This year I thought it would be a fitting tribute to share with you one of her early poems called Forget-Me-Nots. This poem was first published in the Poets of America Anthology in 1966 when she was in her late 30s. This was her first published piece and I remember how excited she was to finally see her writing in print.


By Lee Bain

Forget-me-nots I’d press on your mind’s eye;
Bright silent messengers of sky’s wild blue…
That from your thoughts my name would never die,
I’d bid them haunt you with their heavenly hue.
Bold blooms would border every path you bent
In blue profusion, like a blossomed lea;
My fragrance would enhance their subtle scent
To blend their perfume with the breath of me.
And when, at end of day, you’d sip and sup
Or finely dine in stately pomp and grace,
You’d find forget-me-nots twined ‘round your cup
Or gaily patterned in the table’s lace.
Through such sweet sorcerers’ spell would I secure
Some memory of me that may endure.


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Dear Jodi – how very touching and beautiful! I have been thinking of your mother lately (how ironic that I just found this posting) and how kind she was to me as a child. I fondly remember spending Friday nights at your house and then going on Saturday to visit your wonderful grandmother and being treated to Baskin Robbins ice cream and always made to feel included-such fond memories I hold dear in my heart. I have really been enjoying your acticles in the Denver Post – congratulations on your success – I was so surprised and pleased to see your byline -now look forward to your articles.

Hi Colleen: What a nice surprise to see you here! Many thanks for your nice comments about my mom and for thinking so kindly of her. You remember so much more about those days than I do, so I appreciate the trip down memory lane! It means a lot to me that you got in touch and wrote such nice things in honor of Mother’s Day…

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