Easy Way to Save Herbs After Gardening

The frugal gardeners I know are good at finding ways to enjoy fresh herbs all winter long.

I’ve been busy trying to preserve the last of this gardening season by drying sage, whirling basil into pesto for freezing, roasting tomatoes, blanching squash, and just about anything else I can think of to keep my favorite summer flavors last as long as I can.

Overwintering herbs is a good way to keep the garden going, even if it means a little extra work of digging or dividing plants to pot and bring inside. The container of chives on the patio will overwinter by itself without any help from me and will be the first greens to sprout next spring.

Other herbs, like my pot of rosemary, is brought inside to spend the cold winter on a warm, sunny windowsill.

To keep the basil growing, I take the scissors outside and snip the tips of several plants where the leaves are attached to the stem. Then I remove the lower leaves and plop the bunch into a jar or glass of water. In a week or two, roots will sprout and I’ll either leave them in the water or re-pot them.

This guarantees I’ll have a few bunches of cheap, fresh organic herbs within reach during the cold winter months.


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