Dry Gardens Need Watering Rocks

Have you ever wished for a simple solution for keeping gardens watered? Then Watering Rocks is for you.

Gardeners are always on the lookout for innovative solutions for ongoing gardening problems.

One of my top gardening issues is finding ways to get water to the plants in the dry corners of the garden without installing an irrigation system or adding a water connection in these out-of-the-way spots.

A portable watering system would be a perfect solution. Something that looked good in the garden, but would be able to handle watering chores during hot, dry summers.

Watering Rocks Box

Watering Rocks to the rescue.

I saw some of the first Watering Rocks at an industry trade show several years ago. That’s when I met Jim Whitis, a fellow gardener and inventor of this clever way to keep plants watered slowly over time. I immediately saw the potential for a simple, portable irrigation system that could be customized to fit any dry spot in the garden.

Watring Rocks-3

Jim began with a simple design to create fabricated rocks with water reservoirs hidden inside. These rocks look like part of the landscaping, but they have drip lines that can be directed where water is needed most. A lighter-weight version is made from heavy-duty plastic.

Watering Rocks3

I have two Watering Rocks placed in each of my driest gardens. The drip lines were snipped to fit each planting space and the emitters adjusted to get the right water flow. A hole near the top of each rock makes it easy to fill the reservoir and to also add liquid fertilizer when plants need feeding.

Watering Rocks-2

The Watering Rocks have reduced the amount of water I use, and the time I spend dragging a hose to the hard-to-water spots in my garden. Instead of watering several times a week, the Watering Rocks in these gardens need filling only once a week during the hottest part of summer.

There’s more about Watering Rocks, including where to find them, on the company website.


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