Crocus Leaves are My Gardening Signal

The leaves of this crocus have a waxy cuticle that helps them stand up to snow and frosty temperatures.

I caught just a glimpse of spring yesterday and suddenly the sun felt a bit warmer and the cold wind a little fresher.

There’s nothing like the first glimpse of green leaves sprouting through the dried leaves and old mulch to give a gardener hope. Gardening season is just around the corner.

As I pulled back the brown leaves of one tall ornamental grass, I spied the small clump of brilliant green crocus leaves. This little bit of green is always the first to appear in my garden, soon to be followed by small purple flowers.

These crocus bulbs were planted many years ago and I depend on their perennial nature to be my guide. It’s almost as if I start to come out of hibernation as soon as they appear.

Now’s the time to get busy. I just ordered my seed potatoes from the Potato Garden in Austin, Colo.,  for delivery in late April.

Soon, I’ll inventory my stash of saved seeds to see what’s there and what’s not. I’ll test old seeds to make sure they’ll sprout this year and then place mail orders for new veggie varieties from favorite catalogs.

For those of us in Zone 5, it’s a good time to start some annual flower seeds– like seed geraniums and pansies–other annuals can wait until the end of February.

Some perennials can be started now, too, like the two trays of Echinacea purpurea seeds I planted last week. I’ll look for green sprouts to appear soon.

What are some of the first signs of spring in your garden? Please share them here.


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Jodi, I’m a big fan of crocus as well, so I enjoyed hearing your reflections on this little harbinger of spring!
I wrote about crocus last week; hope you’ll take a look:

Hi Hilda–Nice to see you here and to find out you’re a fellow crocus lover. Thanks for the link. I’ll be sure to check it out.

This is a great post – filled with insight. Thanks for the information.

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