Container Rock Gardens Are Easy to Plant

If you don’t have room in your landscape for a conventional rock garden, why not plant one in a container?

dbg-container-rock-garden-blogWhile visiting the Denver Botanic Gardens one day, I spotted several container rock gardens along one sidewalk. These ceramic pots were planted with some of the 400 different species of sedum and they inspired me to create my own miniature rock garden.

Sedum are tough plants that like to be planted in sunny spots with well-drained soil. They are easily propagated by cuttings and division. Most species make great groundcovers and many are cold hardy.

Because I had several varieties of sedum already growing throughout my landscape, it was easy to go from plant to plant pinching a little from this one and some from that one.

container-rock-garden-blog2I took an old terra cotta pot, buried a few rocks so that only half of each rock was showing and then tucked the plants around the rocks and planted some cuttings around the edges.

Then over a period of several weeks, I kept adding to my little rock garden. I dug up and added a small cactus that had seeded itself in an odd spot, sprinkled in a few glass pebbles and stuck in a painted tile at a jaunty angle. I later added a pink dianthus to give the garden a spot of color.

During the winter, the pot sits next to the house in a protected spot and whenever it snows, I toss a shovelful onto my mini rock garden to provide a little moisture.

Want to learn more about sedum? Check out the Sedum Society Website or the article Put a Rock Garden in that Pot.


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