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selected The Colorado Gardener’s Companion as one of the great regional gardening books for inspiration and information.

“If you’ve just moved here from somewhere more botanically hospitable, this essential little volume will gently introduce your new challenges.”

By a Colorado Gardener for Colorado Gardeners


“On inclement or sore-muscle days, you might want to immerse yourself in a new gardening book by a Colorado gardener for Colorado gardeners. It’s always nice to find something written for US and our soil!

Torpey, a Colorado native and master gardener, has a breezy informative style that makes the pages slip by as smoothly as ice cream on the tongue. She offers her own advice, candidly shares her triumphs and failures and lets a dozen experts also speak to us about everything from annuals, composting and perennials, to shrubs and soils.
Especially helpful is the appendix of gardening resources. This book offers the best bang for the buck for Colorado Gardeners.”

By Joan Hinkemeyer
Washington Park Profile


Renew Your Gardening Habits


“As a master gardener, I found Jodi Torpey’s book, The Colorado Gardener’s Companion, to be a master gardener course in a nutshell. A good book to suggest when asked the question how to get started gardening in Colorado, Torpey guides the reader through the basics steps essential for gardening success in our semiarid climate and humus poor soils.

Beginning with the foundation of all gardening, the soil, Torpey describes the make-up of the varying soils around the state, and how to evaluate and improve what you have. Stressing the importance of soil preparation, Torpey talks about the mistakes gardeners often make when preparing soil for gardening, and lists the steps to take in doing it right.

Speaking to the challenges of Colorado gardening, Torpey calls upon experts around the state for information and advice. Gray boxes within each chapter highlight special tips, clarify procedures, or offer amusing anecdotes. There are practical suggestions for flower and vegetable gardens, lawns, trees and shrubs, and specific plant recommendations are included. I became particularly interested in the cold hardy and xeric shrub she mentions, the Cheyenne mock orange, Philadephus lewisii, for use in my own yard.

Torpey also talks about landscaping to conserve water, invasive weeds, and deals with the problems of pests and disease. She lists local resources for assistance with questions and describes special plant places in Colorado that teach and inspire.

As the gardening season begins again, Torpey’s book will renew your gardening habits and offer new ideas, such as creating a Moon garden, designed for evening and nighttime enjoyment, and lead you toward a full, rich gardening year ahead.”

Joanne Cermak
Colorado Master Gardener, Eagle County

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