The Colorado Gardener’s Companion is an “Essential Manual, Freshly Updated”

The Colorado Gardener's Companion Gardening in Colorado may seem like an extreme sport, but don’t throw in the trowel. Just get a copy of The Colorado Gardener’s Companion!

Book reviewers say, The Colorado Gardener’s Companion is…

“…a master gardener course in a nutshell.”
“…the best bang for the buck for Colorado gardeners.”

The Denver Post newspaper selected The Colorado Gardener’s Companion as one of the great regional gardening books for inspiration and information.

“If you’ve just moved here from somewhere more botanically hospitable, this essential little volume will gently introduce your new challenges. In Torpey’s uncomplicated, undaunting voice, the book begins with the structure and life forms of the soil. Once you understand Colorado’s soil challenges and how to deal with them by amending it — or dodge them by planting in containers, raised beds or straw bales — you can go anywhere with a garden.”

Get more from your Colorado gardening experience! An excerpt from the book on Planting in the Hellstrip » explains how to plant in the area between the sidewalk and the curb—that devil of a place to landscape. Excerpt includes plant lists to match a variety of conditions from native plants for sunny areas to ground covers for semi-shade.

The Colorado Gardener’s Companion includes tips from over a dozen horticulture experts and gardeners from around the state who offer helpful advice for beginner and experienced gardeners alike.

Available at Denver Metro area bookstores, like the Tattered Cover, or from online retailers like and

Grow a Garden Bountiful & Beautiful!
The Colorado Gardener’s Companion is your hands-on guide to cultivating a successful garden in the Centennial State. Whether you are an experienced green thumb or an inquiring novice, whether you live in the mountains, on the Western Slope, along the Front Range or on the eastern plains, this easy-to-understand guide will help you grow bountiful vegetables, abundant flowers, and lush lawns.

You’ll discover…

  • What’s in your Colorado soil and how to improve it
  • How to take advantage of the state’s semiarid climate
  • Techniques to maximize the short growing season
  • The best high-performance plant varieties for your climate
  • How to landscape to conserve water
  • Ways to deal with the challenges of Colorado’s wild weather
  • Sources for hands-on assistance with gardening questions
  • In short, how to succeed in your Rocky Mountain garden


This 198-page book includes important information that Colorado gardeners need like…

  • How to Scratch the Surface on Soils
  • Colorado’s growing challenges and critical water issues
  • Chapters dedicated to growing vegetables, annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs and lawns
  • Garden Solutions for coping with garden pests and plant diseases
  • Resource guide of special Colorado gardens


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