The Rose Monster Blooms Again

One of the toughest roses I’ve found that does consistently well in my Zone 5 backyard has turned into something we affectionately call The Rose Monster. Something most people don’t know about me is that I grew up with a mom who had too many things going on inside the house to be worried about […]

Silver Fountain Butterfly Bush Doing its Job

The Silver Fountain Butterfly Bush is now loaded with purple blooms and I’m not the only one to notice.

Harison’s Yellow Rose Keeps on Blooming

I wrote about my Harison’s yellow rose a few days ago…and since then it’s come into full bloom.

Great Ghostly Vine for Western Gardening

One of the toughest plants in my landscape is a vine that has a ghostly past. A few years ago I picked up a ‘Kintzley’s Ghost’ honeysuckle at the Plant Select annual meeting and planted it next to an arbor in my sunny backyard and practically forgot about it. This spring, the hardy perennial vine […]

Another Good Shrub for Western Gardening

The silver fountain butterfly bush in the perennial garden is turning into a nice-sized specimen plant. I wasn’t sure how many of my shrubs would make it through the winter, because the weather was so cold, so dry, and so windy. It wasn’t clear to me until a few weeks ago what would leaf out […]

Deer-Resistant Shrub for Western Gardening

Potentilla fruticosa, also known as bush cinquefoil, is a reliable no-maintenance shrub that is one of the 50 Beautiful Deer-Resistant Plants mentioned in a new book by Ruth Rogers Clausen. The first blooms are showing up on the Potentilla in my cottage garden and I’m so glad to see them. This shrub looked dead just […]

Reliable Performers for Western Gardening

‘Harison’s yellow’ rose is one of the undaunted plants recommended by Lauren Springer Ogden in the Summer issue of Zone 4 Magazine. The Harison’s yellow rose (Rosa x Harisonii) growing in my backyard was a good investment when I planted it several years ago. This is one of the most reliable performers in my Western […]

Thank You Birds for the Golden Currant

I didn’t plant this Golden Currant, but I sure appreciate the birds who did. One of my favorite shrubs in the backyard is one I didn’t choose at the garden center or buy at a garden club plant sale. Every spring it blooms with brilliant yellow tubular flowers that have a fresh spicy scent and […]

Western Landscape Symposium Success

I had a great time helping gardeners learn ways to garden on the cheap in Pueblo on Saturday. A big thank you goes to the planning committee for the fifth annual Western Landscape Symposium in Pueblo this weekend. I was delighted to be part of the program. The symposium is a wonderful educational experience for […]

Nine Gardening Trends From the Last Decade

The end of the year–and the decade–is a good time to look back at some of the changes I’ve seen in the world of gardening. The exceptionally dry summer of 2000 caused me to change the way I thought about my suburban landscape. Using only a spade and an old wheelbarrow, I dug up most […]

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