Are You America’s Best Gardener?

Could you be one of America’s Best Gardeners? Maybe! That’s if you’re willing to enter your indoor garden, ornamental garden or vegetable garden in the 2017 America’s Best Gardener contest, sponsored by Seedlingers. Not sure your garden can stand up to the competition? Perhaps a $10,000 grand prize will convince you to enter! America’s Best […]

How to Transform a Landscape into a Xeriscape

About 16 years ago, after months of house hunting, the realtor stopped in front of a little ranch-style house and I instantly knew I was home. This one definitely had curb appeal and it spoke to me. The house was shaded by a large ash tree on one side of the yard and a small […]

Xeriscape Garden Finally in Full Bloom

Have you heard the old gardening saying about perennial plants? “The first season they sleep, the second season they creep and the third season they leap.” That saying sure proves true with the xeriscape garden I’ve planted in my backyard. This is the third year for most of the plants and they certainly have taken […]

Start the Gardening Season with the New Edition of The Colorado Gardener’s Companion

The second edition of my first book is ready in time for gardening season! I worked over the winter months to fill this new edition with more of everything to help Colorado gardeners grow great gardens starting now. The Denver Post newspaper calls the new edition of my gardening book an “an essential manual” for […]

New Gardening Ideas for 2015

What’s new in gardening this year? Here are some interesting ideas I saw at the ProGreen Expo last week. ProGreen is the premier Rocky Mountain regional green industry conference held annually in Denver. Expanded shale is the new way to amend clay soil. When incorporated into soil, the expanded shale improves soil drainage, but it […]

Dry Gardens Need Watering Rocks

Have you ever wished for a simple solution for keeping gardens watered? Then Watering Rocks is for you. Gardeners are always on the lookout for innovative solutions for ongoing gardening problems. One of my top gardening issues is finding ways to get water to the plants in the dry corners of the garden without installing […]

Has it Really Been 4 Years?

Happy Fourth Anniversary to WesternGardeners.com! It was February 24, 2009, when I hit the “publish” button on my first gardening blog post. I wrote a short post about the predicted drought conditions in the West, with the headline: Warmer, Drier Forecast is Daunting! It seems like I could have written that headline yesterday, too. Over […]

Look for Cheyenne Spirit Echinacea in 2013

A new colorful and durable echinacea will keep gardening interesting next year. I really appreciate how All-America Selections has changed its process for announcing its winners. Instead of releasing all the new plants at once, the organization makes its plant announcement as soon as the selections are made. Gardeners can then look forward to seeing […]

Biennial Hollyhock Finally Blooms

How long would you wait for a plant to flower? I know some plants take years to bloom, so waiting just a few seasons for this old-fashioned hollyhock to show its colors seems like a short time in comparison. But it’s a big deal in my cottage garden. I bought an envelope marked “hollyhock seeds” […]

Watering Rocks Solve Key Gardening Problem

My “Best Of” gardening selection at the 2012 ProGreen industry tradeshow is a new portable drip irrigation system called Watering Rocks. There were a lot of new gardening products featured at ProGreen last week, but one of my favorites is a low-tech portable watering system called Watering Rocks. Each Watering Rock is a self-contained drip […]

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