Water Issues

Watering Rocks Solve Key Gardening Problem

My “Best Of” gardening selection at the 2012 ProGreen industry tradeshow is a new portable drip irrigation system called Watering Rocks. There were a lot of new gardening products featured at ProGreen last week, but one of my favorites is a low-tech portable watering system called Watering Rocks. Each Watering Rock is a self-contained drip […]

Rainwater Harvesting is the Smart Rural Option

WesternGardeners.com welcomes our newest advertiser: Flxx Rainwater Harvesting Systems and Equipment located in Boulder. Flxx serves rural Colorado, and nearby states, providing complete rainwater harvesting solutions from design to installation.  (Photos  provided by Flxx Rainwater.) Colorado’s water laws have never allowed for the collection and storage of rainwater until last July. Now, some rural Coloradans […]

Victoria Lilies are Giants of the Water Garden

Today’s Workshop Wednesday features Victoria lilies and how to grow these giants of the water garden. Ever since botanists first caught sight of Victoria amazonica in the early 1800s, the giant water lily has captured the imagination of plant lovers everywhere. With a leaf up to 8 feet in diameter and flowers as big as […]

New Green Gardening Show Premieres Soon

A new PBS television series is set to premiere in major markets on Saturday, May 15. Growing a Greener World is what happens when you combine one part eco-friendly living with one part gardening know-how and then mix in recipes for cooking up the harvest. I’ve been looking forward to seeing the premiere of a […]

Green Gardening Tips for Earth Day 2010

Earth Day is a good time to rethink lawn and garden practices and find ways to make sure your landscape is as green as it looks. It would seem that green and gardening go together naturally, but that isn’t always the case. Most lawns are kept green and weed free with synthetic fertilizers and toxic […]

The Urban Forest is an Environmental Tool

Trees aren’t the first things you think of when you think about New Mexico, but Albuquerque’s urban forest is a important environmental tool. Nick Kuhn, city forester, was one of the speakers at the New Mexico Xeriscape and Water Conservation Conference in Albuquerque last month. I guess it never occurred to me that cities in […]

Xeriscape Conference Part 2–Meet Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin is a third generation alternative farmer in the Shenandoah Valley who attracted national attention after being featured in Michael Pollan’s book, “The Omnivore’s Dilemma.” The second day of the 15th Annual Water Conservation and Xeriscape Conference in Albuquerque was not only enlightening, uplifting and educational–it was a lot of fun. The day started […]

The Xeric Transect is Where We Live, Work, Play

The theme for the 15th Annual Water Conservation and Xeriscape Conference is the “Land Use, Water Use Connection” and includes the transect from the natural environment to the urban environment. The weather in Albuquerque is warmer than it was when we left Denver yesterday, but that’s not due to global warming or climate change. It’s […]

Drawing Winner Will Put CobraHead to Use

Thanks to everyone who shared the lessons they learned from the 2009 gardening season. The winner’s number was drawn at random by the computer genius at Random.org.  Even though gardeners from around the country posted their comments, the winner lives in Denver, Colo. Judy Lemieux is a licensed acupuncturist who enjoys photography as much as […]

Plants, Sculpture Mingle at NC Botanic Gardens

These Happy Gardeners welcome visitors to the North Carolina Botanical Gardens at Chapel Hill. Even though I’m back from my travels to North Carolina, I wanted to share a bit more of my trip because I visited so many wonderful public and private gardens and saw so many plants I’d never seen before. We had but […]

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