Win Dirr’s Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs

Do you love trees? Adore shrubs? If so, you could win Michael A. Dirr’s new book, Dirr’s Encyclopedia of Trees & Shrubs (a $79.95 value). All you have to do is leave a comment with Timber Press, the book’s publisher, before Friday, December 2, 2011, at 4:00 p.m. Pacific time. The contest is open to […]

Arbor Day Tree Planting Made Easy

Would you like to get to the root of how to plant trees for Arbor Day? Here’s tree planting information from “The Colorado Gardener’s Companion: An Insider’s Guide to Gardening in the Centennial State.” Pity the poor trees in our semi-arid region. Intense, high-altitude sunlight, extreme fluctuations in temperature, lean soil, and drying winds create […]

The Last of the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC

I’m curious…how do the cherry trees know the National Cherry Blossom Festival ended yesterday? The Japanese cherry trees ended their annual spectacular show yesterday in Washington, DC. I was lucky to be in the neighborhood today, so I dropped in. There was one last tree in full flower. I spent many minutes enjoying the view […]

Golden Eagle Likes My Backyard Habitat

It was a cold, gray day in my suburban Denver neighborhood yesterday until I spotted this immature Golden Eagle landing in a nearby tree. I was absolutely thrilled to be able to watch this big, beautiful bird for several minutes before it left its perch and soared away. Apparently it likes my backyard habitat, certified […]

Arbor Day Foundation Planting is Good Idea

These evergreens, provided by the Arbor Day Foundation, were planted as seedlings during the summer of 2000. When I moved into my suburban Denver home in 1999, the backyard didn’t have much to offer. The yard was covered in beautiful bluegrass and there was one tall poplar tree growing against the fence where it provided […]

Bare Trees Provide View for Spring Planting

Winter is the best time to help you really see where to focus your spring planting efforts. Several years ago, I had the chance to talk with Suzy Bales about her book called “The Garden in Winter.” She said the best time to plan for winter color is during the spring. The opposite holds true, […]

Beautiful End to Fall Gardening Season

Thank you, Mother Nature, for such a beautiful end to this gardening season. Just last week, I was looking out my living room window admiring the spectacular scenery in the front yard. The leaves on the silver maple had turned a gorgeous golden, the sky was its brightest Colorado blue, and the rays of the […]

This Gardener Digs Pistols for Shovels

The shovels featured in the work, Palas por Pistolas by Pedro Reyes of Mexico City, were used to plant trees on the grounds of one Denver elementary school during The Nature of Things art exhibit in July. The 20 shovels lying in a row on the floor meant there were 20 fewer weapons on the […]

Gardening is Just Peachy in Colorado

Happy Colorado Day to my hardy gardening friends who start planning their gardens in January, plant in May and keep their fingers crossed all summer hoping there’s something delicious to harvest at the end of the season. Harvesting fruit from trees along Colorado’s Front Range is hit or miss. We’re often hit with a late […]

The Urban Forest is an Environmental Tool

Trees aren’t the first things you think of when you think about New Mexico, but Albuquerque’s urban forest is a important environmental tool. Nick Kuhn, city forester, was one of the speakers at the New Mexico Xeriscape and Water Conservation Conference in Albuquerque last month. I guess it never occurred to me that cities in […]

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