Sustainable Landscaping

How to Attract Wild Birds to your Garden

It’s easy to attract wild birds to your landscape by providing food, water, shelter and a place to raise their young.

Celebrate National Rose Month with Old Garden Roses

I always knew June was the month for roses in my own garden. That’s when my favorite roses put on a fragrant show around the patio and throughout the garden. It turns out, June is National Rose Month everywhere else, too. If you want to go all in to celebrate roses this month there are […]

Xeriscape Garden Finally in Full Bloom

Have you heard the old gardening saying about perennial plants? “The first season they sleep, the second season they creep and the third season they leap.” That saying sure proves true with the xeriscape garden I’ve planted in my backyard. This is the third year for most of the plants and they certainly have taken […]

Planting Miniclover as a New Lawn Alternative

Here’s a step-by-step how-to guide on planting a Miniclover lawn with seeds from

Start the Gardening Season with the New Edition of The Colorado Gardener’s Companion

The second edition of my first book is ready in time for gardening season! I worked over the winter months to fill this new edition with more of everything to help Colorado gardeners grow great gardens starting now. The Denver Post newspaper calls the new edition of my gardening book an “an essential manual” for […]

New Gardening Ideas for 2015

What’s new in gardening this year? Here are some interesting ideas I saw at the ProGreen Expo last week. ProGreen is the premier Rocky Mountain regional green industry conference held annually in Denver. Expanded shale is the new way to amend clay soil. When incorporated into soil, the expanded shale improves soil drainage, but it […]

How Northern Flickers Build Their Nest

A happy couple of Red-shafted Northern Flickers took just a week to create this impressive nest. I was away in Gillette, Wyo., giving the keynote presentation at the Native Plants Speaker’s Series when I called home to check in. John brought me up-to-date on what was happening at the homestead and before ending the call […]

Gardening Projects for Citizen Scientists

Attention, Gardeners! Science needs you to join the army of citizens advancing the body of scientific knowledge. Citizen scientists are the extra eyes researchers need to help look for nine-spotted ladybugs, note the first tulips in spring or keep watch for endangered arboreal toads. They partner with scientists to provide valuable data that helps answer […]

Great Gobs of Gardening Books for 2013

New gardening books are published every year, but this crop is especially fruitful. If you need inspiration to help you add more vegetables to your family’s menu, look no farther than this new cookbook from the folks at the Baker Creek Seed Company. The cookbook, written by Jere and Emilee Gettle with Adeena Sussman, is a […]

Gardening in a Drought

What if we had a drought and the lawn didn’t notice? It’s time to rethink how to use water in the landscape. Because of the continuing drought, gardeners in the Denver metro area will have twice-a-week lawn watering restrictions starting April 1–no fooling. Along with these restrictions will be higher water bills for using more […]

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