Rose Cottage a Warm Welcome to Raleigh

You had to “tweet to meet” for Wednesday evening’s tweet up at Rose Cottage in Raleigh, N.C. After a long day of travel to the annual Garden Writers Symposium in Raleigh, it was a welcome change of pace to stroll through Raleigh’s historic district to Rose Cottage. On the way to the GWA twibe tweet […]

Planting tips for the fall garden

Crops with tasty roots, shoots, and leaves are nature’s way of making sure we get plenty of fresh vegetables even when the weather turns cold. If you’ve never grown a fall garden, now’s the time to start. Besides the joy of bypassing expensive veggies in the produce aisle, many cool-season vegetables are also good for […]

The great garlic harvest is about to begin

If you planted garlic in the fall, it should be ready to harvest right now. The mature scapes on hardneck varieties signal the bulbs are ready in my garden. I haven’t had the best luck growing garlic in my garden, even though most gardeners says there’s nothing to it; just plant it and it will […]

Grounds for gardening success

The best use for coffee grounds is as an addition to the compost pile. The “Grounds for your Garden” program started by Starbucks in 1999 is a terrific example of win-win-win-win in business. By giving away tons of used coffee grounds, the company has been able to recycle a product it would normally throw away, […]

Guest Blogger Leah Ingram: Lasagna Gardening

Leah Ingram is a lifestyle expert and seasoned spokesperson who appears frequently in the media to discuss shopping, gift buying, eco-friendly topics and frugal living. Her forthcoming book “Suddenly Frugal,” will be published in the Fall. Leah is also the creator of the Suddenly Frugal blog and I’m delighted she’s guest blogging here today about […]

Get the Rocks Out of Your Containers

If you like container gardening, you’ll appreciate Better Than Rocks. If you’re still using rocks in the bottom of your containers to aid drainage, there’s a new product that can make your gardening life a bit easier. Better Than Rocks is…well, you know. This product is made of 100% recycled plastic and comes in squares […]

Plant Irises for a Spring Garden Show

I think these irises are as beautiful as any orchid. Irises have been part of the landscape for so long it’s easy to take them for granted. Cultivated for hundreds of years, and a staple of grandma’s garden, the bearded iris is the perennial that keeps on giving. These easy-to-grow plants are colorful, drought-friendly additions […]

My Garden is a Happy Home for Squirrels

A litter of four squirrels has found a happy home in my garden. One day John and I looked out the office window and saw a little squirrel head poking out of the opening of the wooden squirrel nesting box at the corner of the garden. Then another head poked through. And another. And then […]

Companion Planting Improves Gardening Efforts

Bergamot, also called bee balm, is a native perennial that causes bees to linger longer in the garden. Some things in life make ideal combinations like cookies and milk, peanut butter and jelly, and spinach and radishes. Spinach and radishes not only make a delicious spring salad, they also make perfect partners when grown together […]

Sunset Garden Book is Indispensable Resource

This edition of Sunset’s Western Garden Book, published in 1976, was the best gardening guide for a gardening greenhorn. When I first started gardening, I needed a lot of help. I had always thought gardening was a relaxing pastime that rewarded one with beautiful flower beds, baskets of fresh vegetables and a luxurious lawn. I […]

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