How to make aerated compost tea for your garden

If you’re a gardener who’s been conscientiously composting your kitchen waste and using the rich, crumbly material as a soil conditioner in your garden, it’s time to take your composting to the next level. By mixing that earthy concoction with water and allowing it to steep, you can create a beneficial tea loaded with the […]

Start the Gardening Season with the New Edition of The Colorado Gardener’s Companion

The second edition of my first book is ready in time for gardening season! I worked over the winter months to fill this new edition with more of everything to help Colorado gardeners grow great gardens starting now. The Denver Post newspaper calls the new edition of my gardening book an “an essential manual” for […]

Gardening in a Drought

What if we had a drought and the lawn didn’t notice? It’s time to rethink how to use water in the landscape. Because of the continuing drought, gardeners in the Denver metro area will have twice-a-week lawn watering restrictions starting April 1–no fooling. Along with these restrictions will be higher water bills for using more […]

Special Gardening Event August 10

Please join us on Friday, August 10, at the Denver County Fair for an organic vegetable gardening event featuring Jane Shellenberger. Jane will present her program starting at 4:00 p.m. on the Farm and Garden Pavilion Stage and at 5:00 p.m. sign copies of her new book “Organic Gardener’s Companion: Growing Vegetables in the West” […]

Win the New Small-Space Gardening Book

Post a comment for your chance to win a big gardening book for small-space gardeners. In my review of this big book on gardening in small spaces, I shared some of the book’s secrets for growing vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers in small spaces. The publisher sent an extra copy so I could share all […]

A Great Guide to Vegetable Gardening

Dr. Bob Gough may have departed the gardening world last year, but he left gardeners with more than 17 books on horticulture including The Guide to Rocky Mountain Vegetable Growing. I never had the opportunity to meet Dr. Bob Gough face-to-face, but I got to know him anyway. He was the author of the “Ask […]

Oh Give Me a Home Where the Buffalo Loam

BuffaLoam is a 100% organic, all-natural plant food and soil amendment known as “America’s First Fertilizer.” The Diamond Tail Ranch in north-central Colorado has found a way into gardener’s hearts by recycling tons of manure from its herd of 700 American bison. BuffaLoam is a 100% organic, all natural plant food and soil amendment for […]

Complete Guide to Composting Book Review

Why buy bags of compost to help your gardening efforts when you can turn ordinary kitchen and yard waste into black gold? I had the chance to talk with Chris McLaughlin for an article on compost tea I wrote for The Denver Post earlier this season. Something Chris said during the interview stuck with me […]

Vegetable Gardening Made Easy

Vegetable gardeners in the Rocky Mountain states will find gardening can be a little easier and a lot more enjoyable with a new book from Cool Springs Press. If you garden anywhere in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah or Wyoming, you have to get your hands on a copy of Guide to Rocky Mountain Vegetable Growing […]

Gardening Season Ends with Fall Clean-up

Clearing out all vegetable garden debris is the first step toward next summer’s healthy plants. You think I’d be glad to pull up the dead summer squash foliage after the ups and downs of growing it this year. Early on I complained about the fruit not setting and having to pollinate the squash by hand. […]

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