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Easy Roasty Toasty Pumpkin Seeds

Save those pumpkin seeds! I love all the fruits of fall. I can’t pass by the displays of colorful squash, squatty pumpkins or warty gourds without grabbing a few and putting them in my shopping cart. Besides looking lovely on the kitchen counter, they can be used in all kinds of recipes. Whenever I cook […]

Mad Scientist Soup is Dreadfully Delicious

This recipe for Mad Scientist Soup is a dreadfully delicious Halloween supper, especially when served with a loaf of Dead Head Bread. Let loose your inner Mad Scientist this Halloween and experiment with different fresh, frozen, or canned vegetables to concoct a steaming pot of soup. Every batch is different depending on what garden-grown goodies […]

Celebrate Halloween with Dead Head Bread

Halloween is a holiday we can really sink our fangs into. Here’s a tasty home-made bread recipe to get you into the spirit. Start your seasonal celebrating by baking up a loaf of Dead Head Bread. This is an enjoyable way to bake a loaf of bread from scratch. It’s not difficult at all, it […]

Green Tomatoes are Gem of a Fruit

It won’t be long until the first frost claims the last brave tomato vines still full of green tomatoes. Be sure to pick these little gems while the weather is still warm. One of the best parts of fall is picking a basket of green tomatoes to enjoy as the weather starts to turn cold. […]

Time to Make a Pesto of Yourself

Got basil? Large leaf Italian basil like this can be whirled into a delicious pesto in less than 15 minutes. I cut back this plant by about half. Then washed and dried the leaves to fill 2 cups (tightly packed). For a nice, creamy pesto I grated about 3 ounces of Parmesan in my food […]

Make a Fourth of July Wreath from the Garden

Here’s a repeat of my Fourth of July blog from last year. It seems like a good time for some more good old fashioned craft-making fun. I had such a great time making a Fourth of July wreath for my front door, I thought you might like to try making one, too. Most of the […]

A New Look at an Old Vegetable

A few years ago I invited our new neighbors over for a get-acquainted dinner. The prickly pear cacti in my front garden were sporting delicious-looking young pads so I decided to make a Nopal Salsa and serve it as an appetizer. I cut the tender edible cactus pads, called nopales, boiled them in water and removed […]

Windowsill Gardening with Sprouts

Homegrown sprouts are perfect for windowsill gardening any time of the year. Just add water and watch them grow. Some of the freshest, most nutritious organic greens on the planet can be grown in your kitchen without special equipment, complicated instructions or time-consuming techniques. All you have to do is grab a quart jar, sprinkle […]

Super Veggie Pizza for Super Healthy Party

Looking for a new recipe for your Super Bowl party?  Try this recipe for a hearty veggie pizza for a healthy way to celebrate the end of football season. One of the best parts of getting together to watch the Super Bowl is the party food which usually includes chips, dips, burgers, brats, and hot […]

Plan to Use Vertical Spaces for Gardening

While planning your vegetable garden this year, consider using vertical spaces. Growing up is a great way to get more out of gardening in a small garden space. These vines of the ‘Trombetta di Albenga’ climbing summer squash grew on an arbor in my backyard last summer and produced beautiful light-green fruit. If I would […]

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