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Green Gardening Tips for Earth Day 2010

Earth Day is a good time to rethink lawn and garden practices and find ways to make sure your landscape is as green as it looks. It would seem that green and gardening go together naturally, but that isn’t always the case. Most lawns are kept green and weed free with synthetic fertilizers and toxic […]

Organic lawn care and weeds

I was surprised to learn there isn’t a universally-agreed upon definition of organic lawn care. One of the classes I took during CSU’s Short Course day in July was “Organic Lawn Care: Is it Sustainable?” taught by Tony Koski, the extension turf specialist. I’ve taken Tony’s classes in the past and he always presents good […]

Xeriscape tip–reduce irrigated turf areas

It’s hard work to tear up the turf, but the payoff is less lawn to water, feed, weed and mow. The dry winter, combined with last year’s hot summer, left the turf in the backyard looking shabby. And not in a shabby-chic way, either. So in early spring, I decided that instead of replanting the […]

My Garden is a Happy Home for Squirrels

A litter of four squirrels has found a happy home in my garden. One day John and I looked out the office window and saw a little squirrel head poking out of the opening of the wooden squirrel nesting box at the corner of the garden. Then another head poked through. And another. And then […]

Push Mowers make mowing Reel Fun

My lawn mower is quiet, easy to push and doesn’t pollute the air. More than 50 million Americans start their gasoline-powered lawn mowers each week to neatly clip their lawns. But they’re also polluting the air in the process. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says small lawn mower engines are big polluters. Most people don’t […]

Gardeners can Help Military Families for $1

The green industry invites gardeners to donate to a  special program to help our military families. A simple click of your mouse and a $1 donation will go a long way to help expand the GreenCare for Troops program sponsored by Project EverGreen and the Turf & Ornamental Communicators Association (TOCA). GreenCare for Troops is […]

Gardeners Flock to Free Mulch Day 2009

It’s not spring until the free mulch giveaway sponsored by Denver Recycles and Denver Parks and Recreation. Following an annual spring tradition, we woke up early, grabbed coffee and headed out the door for the TreeCycle Mulch Giveaway. We arrived 40 minutes before opening and took our places as the 10th and 11th in line. […]

Three Watering Days is Plenty in Denver

Lawns in Denver do just fine with three days of watering each week. Homeowners in Denver learned today that rules for watering will be extended to Oct. 1 instead of ending on August 31. And that’s just fine with me. My small peanut-shaped front lawn requires less water because of its size, but also because […]

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