Climate Change

The Xeric Transect is Where We Live, Work, Play

The theme for the 15th Annual Water Conservation and Xeriscape Conference is the “Land Use, Water Use Connection” and includes the transect from the natural environment to the urban environment. The weather in Albuquerque is warmer than it was when we left Denver yesterday, but that’s not due to global warming or climate change. It’s […]

Plants, Sculpture Mingle at NC Botanic Gardens

These Happy Gardeners welcome visitors to the North Carolina Botanical Gardens at Chapel Hill. Even though I’m back from my travels to North Carolina, I wanted to share a bit more of my trip because I visited so many wonderful public and private gardens and saw so many plants I’d never seen before. We had but […]

Hail storms are another gardening challenge

A healthy garden can be destroyed by a hail storm in a matter of minutes. The thunderstorm last night in the Denver Metro area was a destructive one. High winds, drenching rain and hail destroyed the hopes of many gardeners who woke up to find their gardens in shreds. I heard from one gardener this […]

How to tell good bugs from bad bugs

My copy of Good Bug Bad Bug has seen a lot of use in the garden. Have you ever wished you could tell the difference between insect heroes and insect villains in your garden? There aren’t many gardeners I know that haven’t wanted a little extra help in identifying what’s nibbling on the roses or […]

Gardeners and Rocky Mountain weather

June is known for its wild weather patterns from late frosts to thunderstorms and hail. When he wrote “The Complete Guide to Rocky Mountain Gardening,” Herb Gundell knew from experience that “you can’t count on the weather, seasons or soils of the Rocky Mountain territory, so don’t let any weather changes take you by surprise.” […]

Plant Irises for a Spring Garden Show

I think these irises are as beautiful as any orchid. Irises have been part of the landscape for so long it’s easy to take them for granted. Cultivated for hundreds of years, and a staple of grandma’s garden, the bearded iris is the perennial that keeps on giving. These easy-to-grow plants are colorful, drought-friendly additions […]

My Garden is a Happy Home for Squirrels

A litter of four squirrels has found a happy home in my garden. One day John and I looked out the office window and saw a little squirrel head poking out of the opening of the wooden squirrel nesting box at the corner of the garden. Then another head poked through. And another. And then […]

Push Mowers make mowing Reel Fun

My lawn mower is quiet, easy to push and doesn’t pollute the air. More than 50 million Americans start their gasoline-powered lawn mowers each week to neatly clip their lawns. But they’re also polluting the air in the process. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says small lawn mower engines are big polluters. Most people don’t […]

CobraHead–My Favorite New Gardening Tool

The CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator is advertised as “the best tool in earth.” The Easter Bunny didn’t leave any chocolate eggs for me this year, but I didn’t care. Instead, I found a CobraHead in my Easter basket. After using it for the first time yesterday, I decided it’s my favorite new gardening tool. I […]

Tomatoes May Be Future Economic Indicator

Smart gardeners should plant extra tomatoes for canning or freezing this year. I haven’t heard much about the continuing drought in California, but what happens there this year, will have a lot to do with the price of canned tomatoes next year. That’s why smart gardeners should add a few extra tomato plants to their […]

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