Carrot Pants Wins Weird Veggie Contest

Thanks to all the gardeners who entered the 2010 Weird Veggie and Funny Fruit Contest sponsored by The results are in! Gardener Geri Koncilja judged the contest entries and made her selection:

First Place goes to…. Carrot Pants grown by MJ Blanchette.

About the winner, Geri wrote, “Pants in the ground, pants in the ground, looking real cool with your pants in the ground. All it needs now is its carrot top.”

Second Place goes to…”I hate when my tomatoes are watching me,” grown by Bob Knight.

Judge Geri says, “Don’t be stewed, but this tomato’s got a face for taste. Here’s looking at you, kid.”

Third Place goes to…Latin Teacher Look Alike, grown by Alessandra Marcellan Thor.

“This talented tomato moves to the head of the class. Bonus Cibus,” says Geri. also decided to give Honorable Mention Attention to these two entries:

Sweet Potato Bug grown by David Hawkins

Winking Black Krim…grown by Connie Sung Moyle.

Many thanks to all the gardeners who entered their crazy carrots, kooky cucumbers and wild watermelons in the contest.

A big thank you goes to Judge Geri for her help in selecting the winner and her appreciation of the weird as wonderful.

Special thanks to Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew Soil Conditioner Tea and aHa!ModernLiving for adding prizes to the winner’s gardening gift basket.

Please keep the 2011 Weird Veggie and Funny Fruit contest in mind for next season!


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Am honored to be in such great company!

Love it! Great entries this year, Jodi!

This is such a fun idea – and the carrot pants would have been my #1 choice too!! Too funny. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Wow Rob…love the tomato. Sort of looks like you, no? LOL
Just kidding! : )

Those are SO fun. 😀 The sweet potato reminds me of a flexing arm… yarr!

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