Bring a Bit of Salzburg to Your Garden

This week’s Gardens Around the Globe features some of the beautiful gardens and scenery found in Salzburg, Austria.

It was overcast and drizzly the day John and I visited Salzburg, but that didn’t dampen our enthusiasm for being in such a beautiful old city steeped in rich history, all things Mozart and the Sound of Music.

Occasional bursts of heavy rain gave us a good reason to duck into a cafe for an espresso or to stop at the corner pub for a Weiss Bier.

The view from the Hohensalzburg Fortress is an impressive one that overlooks the entire countryside and provides an incredible view of the Salzach River and Salzburg, old and new. I’m not sure these homes qualify as farmhouses, but they have that feel with their rock walls and green and gently rolling terrain.

The Mirabell Gardens and Palace is a complex of perfectly manicured gardens and a concert venue. The gardens were first designed in 1730 for the prince who was also the archbishop. In the distant background is a view of the fortress on top of the mountain and a glimpse of the cathedral. In the center of this shot is a pond with a statue of Pegasus. At least one scene from the Sound of Music was filmed here.

Even if you don’t live in a palace, you can recreate a similar look in your own backyard garden. The full border is created by layering tall shrubs with flowers in descending heights ending in a narrow strip of lawn. The patterns of colors and varieties of flowers are repeated throughout the bed and in the entire length of large containers.

I love the swirls in this take on a knot garden, but I know I couldn’t duplicate it in my yard. However, this view shows how it could be done by digging beds within the lawn and planting two or three kinds of flowers in a rhythmic pattern.

I might not be able to recreate the fabulous gardens at the Mirabell Palace, but I probably could try a planter like this one. There were also flowerboxes filled with colorful annuals everywhere I looked.

St. Peter’s Cemetery was the inspiration for the scene in Sound of Music where the von Trapp family hides before fleeing Austria. Surrounded by three churches, the cemetery is filled with miniature gardens that are lovingly planted with ferns, ivy and many kinds of blooming flowers.


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