Blue-Ribbon Vegetable Gardening

Blue Ribbon Vegetable GardeningBlue-Ribbon Vegetable Gardening

by Jodi Torpey

(Storey Publishing, Inc., 2015)

“A winner: the most comprehensive reference on competitive vegetable growing that I’ve ever read. Torpey captures the joy of growing vegetables well for sport, fun, glory, or simply for the kitchen table. This book will inspire you to enter the fray.”

–Amy Goldman Fowler, author of Heirloom Harvest and former grand champion in vegetables

“Jodi has a great writing style that pairs well with her extensive knowledge, making this a riveting read. This is a book for anyone who enjoys growing vegetables – even if you don’t plan on entering any competitions. I also loved the profiles on award-winning gardeners, and the convenient checklists…I had no idea there were so many considerations. All in all, a great addition to my bookshelf.”

–Niki Jabbour, author of The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener

“What a fun read! It’s really terrific and engaging.”

–Jane Shellenberger, author of Organic Gardener’s Companion and publisher of Colorado Gardener news magazine

Big. Beautiful. Best.

Are you ready to bring a competitive edge to your gardening?

Do you savor the satisfaction of growing an exquisite, blemish-free tomato or a giant pumpkin?

No matter your skill level, prizewinning produce is within your grasp. In Blue-Ribbon Vegetable Gardening, you’ll learn all the tricks for growing vegetables to perfection. It includes everything you need to know about vegetable competitions, from growing to showing.

Blue Ribbon Vegetable Gardening is for other vegetable gardeners, too. It’s for growers who’d simply like to find ways to improve their gardening efforts. The how-to-grow information will help gardeners of all skill levels harvest high-quality produce to use for eating as well as competing. The book includes:

• The nitty-gritty of how to enter vegetable contests.

• Everything gardeners need to grow 10 of the most common vegetables entered for exhibition: beans, beets, cabbages, cucumbers, eggplant, onions, peppers, pumpkins, squashes and tomatoes.

• How to grow giant vegetables like a 1000-pound pumpkin or a 100-pound cabbage.

• Interviews with some of the fascinating personalities behind the prize-winning produce. Meet growers like Don Francois, of Des Moines, Iowa, who grows and shows more than 100 different entries every year.

• Amusing vegetable facts and gardening trivia from the history of each vegetable’s origins to the record for the world’s largest tomato.

Blue-ribbon vegetable gardeningBlue Ribbon Vegetable Gardening is now available through online sellers like Amazon or Barnes and Noble…or at a bookstore near you!


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