Beautiful End to Fall Gardening Season

Thank you, Mother Nature, for such a beautiful end to this gardening season.

Just last week, I was looking out my living room window admiring the spectacular scenery in the front yard.

The leaves on the silver maple had turned a gorgeous golden, the sky was its brightest Colorado blue, and the rays of the noon sun peeked between the branches.

I stood there wondering why I hadn’t appreciated this beautiful sight in past autumns.

Then it dawned on me. Seldom does this tree get to put on such a dazzling show. By early November the weather typically has turned colder much earlier and October freezes cause the maple’s leaves to suddenly turn brown before they fall.

In 2009, the temperature dropped into the teens the first weekend in October and some of my trees lost all their green leaves in one day. The leaves remaining on the other trees turned a crispy brown and fell later that week.

But this year, we had a nice long fall like those enjoyed in other areas of the country. For the first time in many autumns, my trees and shrubs got to put on their finest reds and golds and I appreciated every single leaf.


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