Bare Trees Provide View for Spring Planting

Winter is the best time to help you really see where to focus your spring planting efforts.

Several years ago, I had the chance to talk with Suzy Bales about her book called “The Garden in Winter.” She said the best time to plan for winter color is during the spring.

The opposite holds true, too.

Because the leaves are off the trees and shrubs during winter, it makes it easy to see the “bones” of a landscape. With no greenery or flowers to distract the eye, the yard can be seen more objectively.

Taking a close look now will help you get ready for spring planting.

You can follow some of Suzy’s  advice for finding areas of the yard to add a spot of winter color. Just take a look outside any of your windows and really observe the view.

  • Are there any bare areas that need filling with a flowering shrub?
  • Any worn out shrubs that need replacing with something more vibrant?
  • Where would a tree provide more shade or serve as a windbreak?
  • Where could a privacy screen be planted?
  • What could provide beauty, as well as food and shelter for wildlife?
  • What kind of tree would make a nice focal point or accent?

I’ve asked myself these kinds of questions for so many winters that I’m just about out of room to plant more answers. How about you?

Take a look around your winter landscape and please let me know what you see.


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